10 Tips for Sourcing in China

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As an outstanding sourcing agent and procurement solutions company in China, DiscoverSourcing.com needs to visit more than 1000 Chinese suppliers every year. We visit them for giving our clients a quality guarantee: make sure the supplier is a real manufacturer and can produce products under quality control. In this article, we will share our experience with people who is interested in outsourcing to China.

10 Tips for Sourcing in China.

Whatever you do, there are always some tips. Here is some basic tips for sourcing in China, maybe you can learn something after reading it.

1. Attend trade shows is one of the best ways to find real manufacturers. Besides, you also can find reliable supplier though purchasing partner, Alibaba, Google, Baidu, and made in China. Alibaba sourcing is the most important ways to find supplier in China. Alibaba group has three B2B sites, they are Alibaba.com, 1688.com, and Aliexpress.com. One tips: Please don’t believe that a supplier told you they are real manufacturer when sourcing on Alibaba.

  • Alibaba.com is for international customers, it support a lot of language. All of Chinese supplier who uses Alibaba services need to pay at less $4500 per year, value-added services are not included. Buyer is free.
  • 1688.com is for Chinese only, the services charge is CNY1688 per year. Buyer is free.
  • Aliexpress.com is a buy wholesale website for international customers, you want import small volume on this website, Buyer is free.

2, Non disclosure agreement (NDA) is necessary before releasing any specs if you don’t want to see your drawings were embezzled.

3. Make sure your requirement and specs are well understood, using written comments, as well as pictures if you can’t speak Chinese. And it is necessary to clarify the level of quality you are expecting. This is very important, most of Chinese engineers are not as professional as you think.

4. Audit it before selecting a manufacturer as your strategic supplier in China. But for most of small business, it is not necessary to audit the supplier because it is high cost. But we suggest small business owner to do some quality control work, such as hire a sourcing company to inspect product before shipping.

5, Ask for some product catalogs and free sample. Most of Chinese supplier can provide free sample but you need to pay the freight.

6. Ask for a quality inspection report before paying the last payment. It is necessary to know your products manufactured according to the specs and under quality control.

7. Make sure your supplier complies with the standards, directives applicable to the product with China as country of origin (REACH, RoHS, CPSIA, etc.), by asking your Chinese supplier to have a sample of the product tested and certified by an accredited laboratory. (The requirement depends on the local government in each countries and regions)

8. Plan things well in advance and take at least 1 week buffer on the expected time arrival.

9. In order to strengthen the business relationship through personal bridges, it is good to physically meet with your real manufacturers and spend some time with them in China.

10. Product made in China is not without risk. So, a copy of business license from your supplier is necessary before paying any money to China.

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