10 Tips to Import Products from China

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Cheap is one of the most important motivation for people to import products from China. The same product, quality standards, and selling price, but our enterprises can earn more money due to the lower ex-factory price. So, more and more factories were moved to China. And they become the importer and purchase products from China. In most case, the quality of products made in China can match the quality requirements if you can find reliable suppliers. In this article, we share 10 tips to help people to import products from China.

10 tips when importing products from China

Tip 1: You should find the supplier who is reliable

No matter how you find, both good supplier and bad supplier were discovered when you search suppliers to import products from China. So, you need to learn how to verify supplier online if you want to find a reliable supplier for importing quality products from China. B2B sites, trade fairs, and google are the three of the best ways to find Chinese suppliers. Follow this link to learn how to verify a real manufacturers: How to verify a real manufacturing company in China?

Tip 2: Long lead time if you choose boat shipment import products from China

Shipping by ocean is taking a long time on sea, especially you are companies from America and Europe. In most case, it will take more than 30 days from China factory to USA and UK. However, shipping by sea is the cheapest ways to ship products from China, especially the heavy and large volume products.

Tip 3: It is not all of Chinese suppliers are able to be found on internet

All of Chinese suppliers are willing to establish business relations with overseas companies, but most of them can not reach the goal due to the language problem. Although all of Chinese start to learn English since primary school, but most of them can not use it to read and write when leaving the school. Language is one of the biggest obstacle to prevent Chinese small and medium-sized companies to trade with foreign companies directly. According to the survey, only 30% of China company have experience on trading with foreign clients. In some cities in China, it is hard to find a sales who can write and speak in English.

Tip 4: Check products before shipping to you

Importing products from China is not without risk and quality is one of the most common issue when purchasing goods from China. Check products before releasing final payment is the most effective ways to control the quality of products made in China. If you cannot visit Chinese factory in person, hiring a third-party product inspection services company or China sourcing agent likes DiscoverSourcing.com is one of the most economical ways to make sure you can receive the goods you need.

Tip 5: You have to pay taxes and duties on imports

Please don’t believe that you don’t need to pay any money except the cost of products and freight. In most of the counties and regions in the world, you need to pay the taxes and duties on imports. In most case, it depends on the classification of the products and where they come from. It is important that as an importer you know whether you have to pay import VAT and duty on your goods before they can be cleared for entry into your country. For example, you need to pay Anti-Dumping Duty when importing tires from China to the USA.

Tip 6: A clear contract can help you reduce risk

As mentioned above, you need to take steps to reduce risk when importing products from China. A clear contract is your last defender to protect you didn’t loss more than as expectation when having an economic dispute with Chinese supplier. Quality requirements, payment terms, price, quantity, lead time, and which court is available to the contract are the important points to sign an agreement with China supplier when importing products from China.

Tip 7: Don’t sending any deposit to China before obtaining samples

After you have negotiated with all terms with China suppliers, ask them for samples is reasonable before placing an order. Finish goods and products, components and parts, semi-manufactured goods, and even raw material, all of them can be your reference samples. In most case, Chinese supplier will require customers to pay the freight if they were asked to offer a free sample. Anyway, it is the reasonable pre-cost when you are planning to import products from China.

Tip 8: You can discover the best price if you are willing to spend the time to find

Although I ever said you can not discover all the Chinese suppliers through internet, but you still can find the best price if you are willing to spend the time to find. Alibaba, Google, yellow pages are the most economic ways to find Chinese suppliers. Spend day and night, contact one by one, and I believe you can find the supplier who are willing to offer you a competitive price to your products.

Tip 9: Different volume should be sourced from different supplier

The manufacturer can offer you the best price and can produce your products as well, but it is not saying you can select him as your supplier in China. You also need to consider the capacity when selecting a Chinese supplier. In most case, your purchases takes 5%~20% of supplier’s sale is a good ratio. Low ratio means you are small customer to them. And it is hard to get a good service in the long-term cooperation due to you are not one of their most important clients. However, high ratio makes your company in high risk. For example, either Chinese suppliers or your company has problem, both of you will have the problem.

Tip 10: Guandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu are the first consider places to find suppliers for importing products from China

All of the products can be made in China. In overall consideration, China is still the first place to produce products when outsourcing. Because China have complete supply chain to all products. People can buy material in here, make parts in here, and assemble them in here. These are the advantage to reduce the cost. Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are two core areas in China. Most of the products made in China and exported to abroad are made in Zhejiang, Guandong, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. If you want to find supplier to import products from China, the mentioned places should be the first consideration.