China Purchasing Agent Makes it Easy to Import Goods from China

Import from China, you can operate by yourself or hire a sourcing agent to help you. A souring agent, purchasing agent or buying agent always can offer services include but not limited to develop new suppliers and audit, RFQ and discover competitive price, ask for sample and ship to you via low-cost international express, purchase order management for lead time guarantee and project management, quality control and pre-shipment inspection, payment and after-sale servises, etc. Those sourcing services and processes are absolutely necessary if you plan to over your competitors via importing from China.

How to Verify a Real Manufacturing Company in China

A clerk from Chinese company tells you that he is working at a real manufacturer, and their products will export to you directly. This sort of thing happened every day on alibaba, most of agents in China told their customers that their companies are manufacturers or factories due to they want to make you believe that their prices are the lowest one in China. But most of them are not the real manufacturers, as a sourcing agent in China, we know that only 30% of Chinese manufacturers buy aliababa services for overseas customers.