MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) – Why Chinese Manufacturers Require it?

If you are successful in quoting in China, you should receive a quotation sheet with MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement or term from Chinese supplier, manufacturer or factory. MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity means that supplier is unwilling to sell product or parts to buyer if he or she places a purchase order but can’t reach the requirement of the lowest quantity of each product.

MOQ is a rule from actual manufacturers due to they think they may be loss of money if they sell the products to you less than the certain quantity. No matter where you purchase products in China, import from manufacturing company directly, or hire a sourcing services company and sourcing agent to help you, there are still minimum order quantity requirement.

An Introduction to China Sourcing Agent

As a country with large-scale of manufacturing and more than 1.4 billion people, China has 3 million companies and produce 8 million types of products. And with the development of E-commerce, it is easy to source products though business to business sites and search engines, people can discover everything they are Read more…

Carbon Rims Manufacturers | Complete Guide to Find Supplier in China

There never was a doubt that Chinese manufacturers can produce those products in hight quanlity and low price for you. But, it is not easy to find a good carbon rims manufacturer in China by yourself. Maybe, someone told that you can find those suppier on business to business website such as made in China and Alibaba. It cannot be denied that you can find some carbon rims manufacturers , but as far as we know most of the supplier on those websites are small firms and some of them are self-employed entrepreneurs.