3 Steps To Audit A New Supplier Online

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If you have a new supplier, you need to know more about it, the more, the better. Maybe, you have received lots of information it from internet or supplier told you. But please note that, those information are not from the eyes of you. So you need to audit new supplier in person if you don’t want hire a sourcing agent to help you. Now you may want to ask that is it a low cost way or simple method to audit a new supplier for the small business? —Audit SupplierDiscoverSourcing.com will introduce it to you step by step.

1, Make a form for the information you want to get, then send to the new supplier.


Please don’t forget asking for some picture fo the products they are processing now, and the pictures should be original photo, and please remember that the processed image is no used.

If you want a form for it, please contac me, we will send to you free.

2, Check the quality testing equipment list from them.

This step is the core step, if they are a good supplier, they will cooperate with you on this step, if they are a bad supplier, they will not.


You also need to send them a form like the first stem, but it is for quality testing equipment this time. You ask them to list all of the quality testing equipment they have at this point. If they have a lot of quality testing equipment, that mean they have capacity to make the parts. But if the only have the process machines, we can not confirm the have capacity to make the parts you need. The reason is simple, you should have known it. If you didn’t know it, please don’t hesitate to contact the sourcing agent services company Discover Sourcing Limited.

3, Ask them to send you a video of engineering department.

It is to showing the number of working places for engineers, 2~3s is enough. If they send you the picture, it is no used, video is necessary.

After finishing those job, you have audit the new supplier by the simplest ways on-line and can do business with Chinese suppliers now. However, DiscoverSourcing.com suggests you to audit it by traditional ways if it is a big deal.