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Do you need a manufacturing sourcing agent who can help you to buy products from China at low price? If the answer from you is YES, please continue reading this post, it is the one you should read. Continue reading too if you want to say NO, it also can help you learn something about sourcing in China. In this article, we will share some experiences about how to find a good manufacturing sourcing agent in china step by step.

  • Sourcing agent: An agent is a regional representative who performs outsourcing activities on behalf of the employer.
  • Manufacturing sourcing agent: An agent who specializes on manufacturing industry. For example, DiscoverSourcing.com is a manufacturing agent services provider and focus on developing China manufacturer.

In most cases in today’s global market, manufacturing sourcing agents are located in low cost countries. High cost country companies, who want to gain competitive advantages by purchasing components, products or materials from low cost countries such as China. An agent should be a reliable purchasing partner helps them cost down when outsourcing.

A sourcing partner could do those things.

  1. Verify the supplier have the capacity to produce the products you need.
  2. Determine which factories or suppliers can match requirements and provide good service.
  3. Negotiate for a better price.
  4. Place orders, handle currency issues and pay suppliers.
  5. Help you audit factories for quality and ethical practices before sending any money to supplier.
  6. In some cases, inspect your products before shipping.

Find a good manufacturing sourcing partner in china.

  1. Ask them any question you want to know;
  2. Sign NDA with them before releasing any documents;
  3. Visit the agent in China;

We provide free sourcing services in China, we help customer import small quality from China, we cooperate with freight forwarders who provide the lowest shipping cost. Because we are the best procurement solutions company in China.

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DiscoverSourcing.com is a product sourcing agent and manufacturing sourcing services company in China. Our procurement solutions can help overseas companies discover reliable manufacturers and import quality products from China at lower cost.

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