What We Do


Import products from low-cost countries is the best ways to cost down or cost saving but develop supplier in China is high cost. DiscoverSourcing.com is manufacturing sourcing services company and products sourcing agent in China. Our mission is to help overseas importers import quality products from China at competitive price. Customers can save time and money if they import from reliable supplier in China. However, there are lots of manufacturing sourcing services companies and products sourcing agents in China, but we are an outstanding outsource services company and different. We can help you maintain the advantage if you are planning to outsourcing to China.


  • Free Market Researching and RFQ: It’s totally free for consulting. You needn’t decide cooperating with us or after getting a detailed RFQ.
  • Pricing Is Transparent: All of the prices are manufacturers’ prices, not any hide parts. We also ask for the details of price if it is necessary.
  • Supplier Information: All of our customers can get the supplier’s information after terms.
  • Customized Supplier Development: We develop new supplier for you according to your needs.
  • Quality-Manufacturer: Only manufacturers with a quality control system can be considered to be our supplier.
  • Quick Responds to Our Clients: All e-mail consultations will be responded in a working day (Beijing time).
  • Diversified Cooperation Mode: According to your needs, you can hire us as a China sourcing agency or a sourcing services company. Two kinds of service will have two different costs and service content.
  • Strict Quality Checks: We will test the samples after trial production. Only when we think products are qualified, the samples will be sent to clients.
  • Inspection Service: Our inspectors are specialized trained for professional skills of quality control. You can hire us as inspectors to visit factory to conduct pre-shipment inspection. An official inspection report will be released within 1 working day.
  • Other Services: We also offer a series of follow-up sourcing services for every clients within our capacities.


We operate the project according to International standard, searching, RFQ, audit, negotiation, select, tooling, sample, trial order,  and mass product. We will match your working rhythm and provide good services to you for importing from China.


DiscoverSourcing.com provides free market researching services for every clients. We are the best sourcing services company in China. When our clients tell us their requirements, DiscoverSourcing.com will appoint a special person to monitor the task’s progress. We also organize engineers to analyse products to make sure the requirements of our clients, which also needs mass communication between clients and us. After preparation complicated, DiscoverSourcing.com is going to select supplies, then we will give our clients RFQ feedback or sourcing report, including RFQ from different suppliers and our services charge.


When our clients think the RFQ is acceptable and sign an agreement with us, DiscoverSourcing.com is going to contact the vendor for tooling development. Our engineers will be appointed to supervise and help vendor developing tooling, acting as a bridge between clients and suppliers, and be responsible for acceptance checking of tooling and samples. Only if we think the quality of the sample is up to standard, we will send the samples to our clients for a more detailed acceptance checking.


When our clients think the samples are qualified, we will notify the factory to preparing pilot production. Our customers and us will check the quality of products together and make suggestions for mass production to factory. Once the pilot products meet customer requirements, you will contact the factory for mass production.