Who Need Us

Find Reliable Suppliers in China via Third-Party Sourcing Services Company

China sourcing agent or sourcing services company can help you a lot, but it is not available to everyone who want to source products or parts from China. Some companies want to handle all the thing by themselves, some people don’t have a budget to hire a China sourcing agent, and someone did not recognize that a China sourcing agent can save time and money for their project or product outsourcing to China. Following is a list of the people or companies who may need a sourcing agent when planning to import products from Chinese suppliers.

  • People or companies who are the first time to import from China.
  • Companies who want to outsource procurement to the 3rd party.
  • Small business owners who want to import low-volume from China.
  • Companies or people who don’t want to waste time on B2B sites such as alibaba and made in China.
  • Someone who wants to hire a Chinese sourcing services company to help them manage their purchasing business in China.
  • Anyone who want to discover reliable manufacturers or sources in China.
  • The people who have difficulty with sourcing in China.
  • Companies who need a professional quality control team in China.
  • Companies who need supplier audit services in China.

But, no matter you are experienced or not, if you are interested in sourcing in China, purchasing from China, and importing from China. Contact us via email or submit your sourcing request via our submit page, we will help you source products, find reliable supplier, and verify supplier at low service charge for you in China.