Alibaba One Touch Services, Import From China via Assurance Order

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Are you importing from China? Is your suppliers told you that you can import goods from China via Alibaba One Touch services. OneTouch company claims that if the products you received cannot match the contract terms between you and China suppliers, you can tell alibaba company that this is a controversial payment for this bill, and then the money will be frozen at alibaba bank until the supplier solves the issue.

As a manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, thinks that Alibaba One Touch services is good for the people or overseas companies who import goods from China. You can get some assurance if you work with the suppliers and manufacturers who use Alibaba OneTouch services.

What is Alibaba One Touch?

One Touch is an import and export service provider and an Alibaba affiliate. suppliers based in Mainland China must use the One Touch platform in order to participate in Trade Assurance. If you made a Trade Assurance order, One Touch will help you with customs clearance preparation and assistance in foreign exchange collections.

Here is the link about OneTouch services from alibaba company, you can learn something here, and you also can call them for detials.

Alibaba One Touch

How to Use Alibaba One Touch Services?

For the company who imports products from China, you must register an account of Alibaba OneTouch, them you can use their services. And for the suppliers in China, you must buy the services of alibaba, and put some cash deposit at alibaba account, and your customers will can use the OneTouch providing by Alibaba company.

How to Pay via Alibaba OneTouch Services to Import Products from China?

You will not pay to your supplier’s bank account but a unique bank account created by China alibaba company (alibaba one touch account). You must pay your money to this bank and you will get the guarantee. China supplier cannot get the money untill you confirm the payment or purchase order.

Who Can Provide Alibaba One Touch Services?

As far as I know, it is impossible to offer Onetouch services if one supplier is a new company. Some China manufacturers should be 6 months old, some should be 12 months and some should be 24 months, and some will be rejected. It depends on who you are and where is your location. If you need to know more about it, please contact a sourcing agent likes Discover Sourcing Limited, we can help you for free.

What Can China Alibaba One Touch Do For you?

According to the services listed on, OneTouch services includes customs service, global shipping services (by sea, by heavy air, by express), settlement, payment and guarantee, refund of duty, etc. Some of the suppliers who still use OneTouch Services told that OneTouch can offer a lower shipping cost than other low-cost shipping or supply chain company in China.

Is It free?

As far as we know, OneTouch services is free for importers from overseas companies, but please note that the services only can provide by the alibaba suppliers who buy alibaba services with a barrel of money every years. There is a proverb in China that the wool comes from the sheep’s back.

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