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Carbon wheel used on bicycle is very common and normal today. Because carbon is so light and tough that has been around in the bike world for years. Safety is the fist thing to discuss if you are sure to source carbon rims or wheels made in China. So, you need a reliable supplier who can supply good quality and provide a Long warranty. And a reliable carbon wheel manufacturer always has an insurance for their products sell to you.

For example, if your customers purchased the carbon rims from your store or company and had an accident due to the quality of the products, your customers will be the beneficiary of insurance.(Your organization should be in the list of the insurance.)

canbon rims manufacturers

Carbon Wheel Manufacturing Status in China.

There are a lot of carbon rims manufacturers in China(more than 50 real manufacturers, and 60% of them are at Xiamen, Fujian province, China), they buy some good carbon products manufacturing facilities and build the plants. But, how often of the equipment and ovens are calibrated, weekly or monthly? I can tell you the answer, most of them are not or never, especially the small workshops. The managers and owners didn’t have consciousness of product quality.

Storage of carbon material and the controlling of environmental in the layup room are all things which take into consideration when selecting a manufacturer for carbon rims wheel outsourced.

What kinds of carbon fiber Material should be used?

Purchase high-quality material for carbon is also very important for manufacturing carbon bike parts. A design engineer should know the properties that a material will offer so that the structure can be designed around that. There are many different grades of carbon fiber material and each have different properties and suitability. It’s not difficult to design the bike rim shape when you know how to use the proper material. 

Carbon Fiber Products’ Quality Testing.

Once the carbon wheel manufacturer produces a trial sample, the destructive testing is necessary. There are certifications that the rim needs to pass. The factory can do this testing in-house, hires an independent labs, or third-party certification labs to verify that testing. The following devices are from a carbon wheel manufacturer in China.

Carbon bike rim testing

Carbon rim tension Test

How to build a carbon rim for bicycle in a real factory?

Do you know how is a carbon rim built in the factory? It is interesting and easy. You also can learn something about in on Youtube, there are lots of sources.

  • Step 1: Cut the carbon material precisely into the required segment.
  • Step 2: Several layers make up the rim.
  • Step 3: Put the rim into the mold and process.
  • Step 4: Take it out on the tooling.
  • Step 5: Cleaning up and drilling the rim by CNC.
  • Step 6: Paint the logo and packing.

As fa as we know, there are approximately 50 carbon rims manufacturers in China. And the EXW price rank is 65USD ~ 125USD per rim (It depends on the size).

  • MOQ: 1 Piece;
  • Lead time: 7 Days ~30 Days;
  • Appearance: 3K/UD/12K/18K;
  • Hookless & tubeless: Yes/No, according to the requirements;
  • Warranty: 12/18/24/36 months;
  • Insurance: Yes/No, it depends on customer’s requirements;

Here is a carbon rims catalog from China manufacturers.

carbon bike rims catalogue and prices

MTB Rims carbon rim