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Are you looking for China manufacturers or factories for carbon rims (automobile or bicycle/bike)? Ir is no doubt that China carbon rims manufacturers can produce those parts and products in high quality and at low price. But, you should have discovered that it is not easy to find a good carbon rims manufacturer in China.

Everyone knows to find supplier on Business to Business sites, such as made in China and Alibaba. Yes, you can find real manufacturers for carbon rims on B2B sites, but you need to take lots of time – day and night. As far as we know, most of the suppliers on these websites are small workshops and some of them are self-employed. That’s means you will have quality risk when importing carbon rims from manufacturers or suppliers who didn’t have quality control system.

Continue reading please, we will share some experiences about how to find carbon rim manufacturers in China with you.

How to Find Carbon Rims Manufacturers in China?

A reliable supplier can make you succeed on trading business. No matter what products you sell, who is your customers, you always need to find the right sources. Here is a guide to find carbon rims supplier in China. It is available for other products made in China, too.

1, B2B Sites, Such as Alibaba and Made in China.

B2B sites from China is the first place to find products made in China. It is also can find some manufacturing suppliers on those websites. Alibaba and made in China are the most important Business to Business platform to discover suppliers from China.

2, Search Engine,  Such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As the leader of search engine, google can index any new follow information within one day. All of the information which is not forbid by robots.txt can be discovered on google(you can discover more on page 2, 3, …). Using some keywords like “carbon rims China manufacturer” or “carbon rims Chinese factory” can be easy to find China carbon manufacturers. In most cause, the suppliers you discover on google are good at English and have rich experiences on helping overseas companies import carbon rims from China.

3, Trade show, on of the best ways to find real manufacturer.

This is the best ways to find quality supplier for carbon rims. Most of small factories will not attend the exposition due to it takes a lot of money( For example, it takes at least 10,000USD to attend a small trade show in Shanghai, China). So, we suggest you to collect the information of suppliers when attending trade shows. You may need those sources one day in the future.

4, Sourcing Agent in China, the most economic ways to find reliable supplier.

Hire a sourcing partner in China should be the most insurance ways to import quality carbon rims from China. An agent likes is also a guider if you are the first time to import from China. They not only can help you source carbon products you need now, but also can help you discover the new products in Chinese market. They source products from real manufacturers, verify and audit supplier in China, quality control, and inspect product during manufacturing and before shipment.

carbon rims Manufacturers

Carbon Rims Products from Manufacturers in China.

70% of Chinese carbon rims manufacturers locate in those cities: Kunshan, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Foshan. All of these cities are the coastal city which can save freight when importing from China.

Carbon Rims for Vehicle Wheel

Kunshan, Taizhou and Shenzhen are famous as manufacturing auto parts. You can find a lot of automobile carbon rims manufacturing company in these cities. And most of them are medium-scale with 200~600 workers. If you wan to find a good manufacturer for auto carbon rims, please don’t ignore to verify their quality management system, such as ISO 9001 and TS 16949.

Bicycle carbon rims

Carbon rims for Mountain Bike Cycling and Road Bicycle are the main bicycle parts made in China. You can find a lot of carbon rims manufacturers for bicycle in Hangzhou, Xiamen, and Foshan. Especially Xiamen, 60% of China bicycle carbon rims manufacturers are here.

The Details to Develop a Carbon Rims Supplier in China?

If you have a budget limitation to hire a sourcing partner in China, you can develop supplier by yourself. For new importers who are the first time to import from China, we suggest them to find carbon rim suppliers via the following method. It it useful and efficient for new business starters or small business owners to find good supplier in China. Here is the details, you can follow it step by step and you will discover a reliable carbon rims manufacturer in China. It will take about 10~20 days to run the complete processes.

  1. Find some sources through Alibaba, made in China, global sources, google and trade show. 20 potential manufacturers are enough.
  2. Get the contact information(Email ID is enough at this step) of those carbon rims manufacturers.
  3. Write an email by using template including supplier name, carbon rims products requirement, pictures, link about your products, your company information, packing requirement, the forecast of the quality(this is very important, the price depends on the quality and quantity), and the quality requirements.
  4. Contact those suppliers and send your information to them via email one by one. Please note that it is not necessary to send the drawing and other details specification to those suppliers at this step. In the email, you should told them that you are interested in knowing something about their factories and hope you can get some answers for some question such as “how many workers are there in your factory?” and “when you can give me the quotation”. And most of the supplier can give you the feedback within 1~2 working days.
  5. Ignore those carbon rims supplier who can not give you any feedback within 2 working days. And at this stage, you have some potential supplier.
  6. Remove the small-scale companies and who don’t have exporting experience on your potential suppliers list. (For auto carbon rims: less than 80 people should be removed; And for bicycle rims: less than 30 people should be removed.)
  7. Continue to contact with those carbon rims suppliers and release the drawing or the specification to them for asking for a quotation. If a NDA is necessary, please do it at this step before sending any business documents.
  8. You will found 80% of potential suppliers can give you a quotation in 3 days.
  9. Remind the carbon rims manufacturers who can’t give you any feedback within 3 days.
  10. Ignore the manufacturers who can not give you a quotation in 5 working days for two reasons: one is bad services from those supplier, and another one is they are not interested in your purchase order.
  11. Ask all the suppliers who have give you quotation to double-check the price.
  12. Ignore those suppliers who provide unreasonable price after double confirm.
  13. Ask your carbon rims supplier to tell you the details of the quotation especially who offer a low price if you think it is necessary. Sometimes, supplier uses the wrong material and technology, and you get a low price but it not the correct or real quotation. 
  14. Select 2~3 potential suppliers who can provide the competitive price to negotiate for a better price, quality level, and payment terms.
  15. If you need a customized carbon rim, tooling is necessary(In most case). Please don’t forget the tooling cost negotiation.
  16. Visit and audit the supplier before making the final decision. If you can not visit China and audit the carbon rims factory in person, you can hire a third-party audit services company likes Discover Sourcing Limited to help you.
  17. You make a final decision and select the strategic supplier.
  18. 50% down payment for tooling or 100% payment for sample.
  19. Develop tooling and make sample.
  20. Check and approve carbon rims sample.
  21. Trial purchase order and pre-shipment inspection.
  22. Mass product and pre-shipment inspection(If you can not check in person, a third party product inspection also can help you).
  23. Carbon rims shipped to you and you feel happy.

This is the simple process to find carbon rims supplier in China. You also can learn related article by following this link.

Carbon Rims Manufacturers in China | Bicycle Wheel Manufacturing

The Shipping Cost of Bicycle Carbon Rims.

Bicycle carbon rims are the products in large size which is high cost to ship via express. In general, most of the low volume for small business are shipped via EMS express. Because it is a China shipping company charges the shipping fees according to the weight only. If your volume is over 3 CMB, we suggest you to ship them via boat shipment which can save the shipping cost but the lead time is a litter long.

Here are some carbon rims catalogs with prices(it is for reference only, you need a final confirm before releasing any purchase order) from China manufacturers, you can download them for free.

  • [download id=”4011″]
  • [download id=”4021″]
  • [download id=”4015″]
  • [download id=”4017″]
  • [download id=”4019″]

The are EX-works prices without any services charge for and no any hidden cost. You can confirm with supplier directly. Anyone who is interested in those kinds of products and have a plan to import from China via a Chinese sourcing partner, contact us via email.

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