Casting manufacturer in China

There are more than 10K Chinese factories could make casting parts or components. But most of them are small workshop or unprofessional and can not be your strategic purchasing supplier. It is not easy to find a casting manufacturer who can build the complex casting products and solve serious quality problems when happen.

Most of low-cost casting manufacturers build castings according to the experiences. And you can’t find an engineer who graduated from a normal college or university in this kind of company. As a matter of fact, they hire two or three experience workers only and be able to build a casting line. (By that analogy, they hire 30 workers if they have ten product lines.)

Where can I find a casting manufacturer in China?

Please search supplier in those area if you plan to find a casting manufacturer in China. They are Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province,  and Guangdong Province. 

  • Jiangsu and shanghai is the first consideration area to find a supplier who can offer products at low price and good quality.
  • Supplier in Zhejiang Province is your first choice if you are looking for the lowest price for casting products made in China.
  • You should find a supplier in Shanghai if you are interested in high-quality castings.

We are still talking about the casting manufacturer in China, please continue reading. A reliable manufacturer should have a lot of methods to solve porosity problem which is the most common quality issue happen on casting parts. Both supplier and customer needs to prevent the issue products being shipped to destination. So, casting products made in China should be 100% inspection before shipping.

You can hire a third party product inspection services company to help you check the products after casting but before loading.( provides product inspection services start from $49/day.)

Attached is a 304 stainless steel manifold exhaust casting products made in China, we inspected it for our US customer.


Import from China is easy, find supplier in China is easy, and send money to China is easy, too. But, business management and quality control is not easy when outsourcing to China. Hoping you can find the right manufacturing sourcing solutions in China.

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