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Do you realize that it is hard to find a reliable plastic injection molding manufacturer in China? Too many suppliers to make a decision. All of the information is come from your potential supplier. What you need to do is to verify these supplier. Most of large-scale companies have sourcing teams in China, they can get any information they want, but how about the company who didn’t have a team in China? How to manage their offshore business?

Some overseas companies are willing to hire a third party outsourcing services company to help them manage their business in China. Sourcing agent is one of the third-party services provider. The offshore team not only helps them source products and accessories, but also develop strategic supplier in China. The third-party team save time and money for their customers and give them some assurance when sourcing and importing from China.

How to find a good supplier for plastic parts outsources to China?

Supplier information card

Supplier information card from Discover Sourcing Limited

  1. You can find some potential supplier on google and Alibaba, but you need to take a lot of time on confirming it is a really factory and not an agency.
  2. You can hire a purchasing agent likes Discover Sourcing Limited to help you.
  3. After getting a list of potential suppliers, you need to release your supplier information card to them for getting more information.
  4.  Ask for some free samples (Your supplier may request you to pay the shipping cost).
  5. Learn more information about the product and supplier.
  6. Try to know your supplier’s quality management system. As far as we know, lots of China factories buy ISO documents, but they didn’t have quality control system. It is terrible to produce your product in those manufacturers.
  7. Ask your supplier to give you a list of manufacturing equipment and quality testing tools.

Quality Control System

  1. ISO certification.
  2. Quality control engineers.
  3. 100% inspection during plastic manufacturing.
  4. 100% inspection before shipment.
  5. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis system(FMEA).

Quality Issue Solutions for plastic Parts

Parts made in a plastic injection molding process can have their own unique set of possible defects. That is why all of our employees are trained to spot these problems. The following is a listing of the most common defects associated with the plastic injection molding and transfer/compression molding processes.
Quality control for plastic injection molding

Quality Management tools

Sourcing in China should not depend on what you hear only, what do you see is also very important when finding a strategic supplier(You are not looking for a wholesale supplier). Please ask your supplier to send you a list of measuring devices if they told you that they have quality control system(It is very important when purchasing from China). Key techniques for quality control in plastics manufacturing include stereoscopic microscope, twin-ring LED illumination, extended depth of field, non-contact video measuring systems, phase contrast, non-contact z-height measurement, through-the-lens laser auto focusing, polarizing microscopy, laser scanning and automated edge detection are the common quality control tools used on plastic parts measure and testing.
Plastic Parts Quality Control measuring devices

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