China Sourcing Agent VS India Sourcing Agent?

India Sourcing Agent

Find sourcing agents to help you outsource products, there are two asian countries for you consider, China and India. That’s mean you can select China sourcing agent or India sourcing agent. There are over 3,000,000 factories in China, those manufacturers can manufacture any of the parts or products for you. Some of them even can be your strategic purchasing partner in China. And if you choose sourcing agents in China and the products will be made in China. Automatically, if you are interested in products imported from India, an India sourcing agent can help you. So, how to Choose the right agent? China agent or India Agent?

1, The Supply Chain of China and India.

Everyone knows that Micromax phones are made in China due to the supply chain problem in India but China manufacturers can supply any of the components. It is a fact that China have a world-wide supply chain. It is not easy to find a complete supply chain when sourcing in India.

2, China Agent Can Find a Lower Unit Price.

The cost includes product cost and shipping cost. For shipping cost, you can quote with some famous shipping companies, such as UPS and MSK. The shipping cost depends on your destination. You maybe can get a lower shipping cost from India to your company if your company is located at a country near India.

For unit cost of products, it is hard to say, it depends on quality. If you have some outsourcing products, you can send them to both India and China manufacturers. But, I believe that you always can get a lower price from Chinese suppliers.

Another news about this is that Foxconn Technology Group will build supper factory (over one million workers) in India due to China labour cost is 3 times of India. That’s mean those company can get a lower cost via move their factories from China to India. But I think it is only available for big business. For small business, it is not a big different to made in China or made in India. However, most of the companies using purchasing agents services are for small business.

3, The Quality of product made in China and made in India.

Both China and India have capacity to produce high-quality products. We receive lots of mails from India manufacturers every week. All of them claim that they can offer a lower price and high-quality products for us. If you attend trade shows in China, you should find that more and more India manufacturers attend those exhibitions every year. And if you are interested in products made in India, please pay attention to the samples when you visit a trade show next time.

For years in China, we have offered lots of different components, products and goods to overseas companies, ranging from OEM to ODM products. And wow, we are focusing on high-quality product and competitive prices. Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny. As a responsible sourcing agent in China, we will not consider the manufacturers who produce poor quality products.

China Sourcing Agent and India Sourcing Agent Selection Overview.

Maybe, you can find a lower price from India market for some parts via a sourcing partner. But it is easier to discover and import quality product from China. According to our experience, we believe that China manufacturers can still offer products at low price and good quality for a long time. Besides that, sourcing in China is the best ways to optimize supply chain.


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