China Sourcing Agent Location and Advantage

China purchasing agent

Sourcing Agent in China: Shanghai , Yiwu, and Shenzhen.

  • If you are looking for a sourcing agent for finding products with good quality, please hire a the one in Shanghai agent.
  • If you are looking for a sourcing partner for getting goods at low prices but the quality is not the most important, you can find one in Yiwu agent.
  • If you are looking for a purchasing partner for sourcing electronic products in China, please work with Shenzhen agent.

Shanghai Sourcing Agent: The Best Sourcing Agent in China

Sourcing Agent in Shanghai is professional on some big projects, from supplier development, sign NDA, tooling development, sample development, trial purchase order, quality control (PPAP, 8D, 5S, FMEA), price negotiation, production inspection, shipment support, payment and after-sale services. They are international company, you can save a lot of time to working with them. Most of the customers are from developed country, such as USA, UK, Canada.

If you have a project needed being support by a sourcing services company, you need to tell them those information:

  • Drawing, prints or other spec.
  • Package information.
  • Payment term you are interesting.
  • Lead time request.
  • Forecast of volume.
  • other details, such as appearance or accessories.

Yiwu Sourcing Agent: It is a Trading Company in Fact

Yiwu is famous as Yiwu wholesale market which offers small commodities with low price. People can source more than 800 thousands kinds of products made in China at this supper wholesale market. And most for the factories are located around Yiwu city, such as Yongkang city. You should know that most of the products are made in family workshop — without quality control, poor quality. What they want to do is to sell their products to customers and get money. If you want to purchase the product with low price, please working with an agent from Yiwu. But, please know that poor quality is your risk.(And most of the Yiwu sourcing agent never hear about NDA).

If you have something to source in Yiwu, please give them those information:

  • Picture with details.
  • Your payment.
  • Package information.
  • Your address.

Shenzhen Sourcing Agent: Electronics Purchasing Partner in China

Everyone know that most of electronic products are made in Shenzhen. If you are looking for a sourcing partner to help you find some electronic products in China, please hire an agent from Shenzhen which can help you import products from China at low cost(you also can hire Discover Sourcing Limited, we have help lots of US company source electronics from China, such as 4G LTE Router or Model, USB Flash Drive for phone, and Inverter for auto, etc).

80% of Chinese agents are based in those Chinese city. A product sourcing agent should focus on product sourcing and a manufacturing sourcing agent not only can source products but also provide strategic supplier development or procurement solutions.

China sourcing agent

Yiwu sourcing agent

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About the author: Discover Sourcing Limited is a product sourcing agent and manufacturing sourcing services company in China. Our procurement solutions can help overseas companies discover reliable manufacturers and import quality products from China at lower cost.

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