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Oversea company prefers to work with a China sourcing agent due to a reliable agent can provide value sourcing services to save money and time. Besides, some Chinese procurement solutions companies provide free sourcing services, which is also a reason for people likes to hire a sourcing partner in China. Here is some knowledge relating to find manufacturers and import from China. If it is your first time to purchase from China or have a planning to source products in China, this post can be one of your outsourcing guide.

1, Technical support by sourcing agent engineering team.

A reliable sourcing partner always has an engineering team to help customers on everything about technology. Most of China sourcing agents offer this add-value services for free. If you want to use the free services, you’d better to know whether they can provide free technical support.

2, Quality control via China third party services company.

Cost down is important, but quality is the base. However, it is a high cost for oversea customer to audit products before shipment, so hire a third party agent to check for you is another economy ways of quality control. You should have know that it is high risk to import goods from China without pre-shipment inspection. Before you selecting a sourcing to work for you, you should know something about them, such as what is their specialize products, such as you need quality control engineer to help you check the die casting product, but you hire a Yiwu sourcing agent to help you. I think this is not the right thing, because most of the Yiwu agents are not engineering sourcing agent. You should hire a Shanghai agent like Discover Sourcing limited who is professional on metal and plastic components.

3, Better price from procurement solutions company in China.

A procurement solutions company knows the cost in China, they can help you get a better price. If you get a price from China manufacturer at 10USD, please ask a sourcing to help you, he or she maybe can get 9.5 or 9USD for you. Why a procurement services company can get a better prices for you?

  • They have lots of sources on hand, and can find the right one for you in a short time.
  • Cost analysis also makes a Chinese purchasing partner get a better prices from China manufacturer.
  • You will get the details of price analysis, and no other hide charge.

4, Purchase Order Management and Shipping Support.

Sourcing partner can help you manage your purchase order and make sure your products can be shipping on time. You also can get a lower shipping cost via an agent. So, if it is your first time outsourcing to China, please consider to hire a sourcing organization likes Discover Sourcing Limited.

For example, Jack is one of our customers from USA and planned to find plastic injection molding manufacturing supplier in China. He hires as his sourcing partner in China. We sourced and quoted more than 30 plastic parts manufacturing suppliers and provided one of the best procurement solution  to him. Mr. Jack is very happy after collaborating with the supplier we introduced to him.

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About the author: Discover Sourcing Limited is a product sourcing agent and manufacturing sourcing services company in China. Our procurement solutions can help overseas companies discover reliable manufacturers and import quality products from China at lower cost.

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