Chinese Coastal Cities Opening To The Outside World

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The Most Important Cities in China

Importing from China, there are 19 coastal cities which importers should know. Maybe, you have heard those cities from somewhere, they are Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Yantai, Weihai, Lianyungang, Nantong, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Beihai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen. These cities are Chinese coastal cities opening to the outside world. If you are planning to outsourcing to China, manufacturing companies based in coastal cities are the first consideration due to importing from suppliers at these city can save some land transportation cost than buying from inland cities. In this article, we will introduce those important cities to you. Hoping you can learn something useful related to sourcing and purchasing from China.

Chinese Coastal Cities

Shanghai: The economic center of China

As the economic center of China, Shanghai has 24,152,700 people and 6,340.5 square kilometers land. Huangpu district, Xuhui district, Changning district, Jingan district, Putuo district, Hongkou district, Yangpu district, Pudong new area, Minhang district, Baoshan district, Jiading district, Jinshan district, Songjiang district, Qingpu district, Fengxian district and Chongming district are the 16 areas. Two air ports are Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport. 9 railway stations are Hongqiao Railway Station, the Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Anting North Railway Station, Jinshan North Railway Station, Nanxiang North Railway Station, Shanghai West Railway Station, Songjiang South Railway Station, Luchaogang Railway Station.

All of top 500 companies have their companies in Shanghai due to Shanghai can provide high-quality services. Shanghai is headquarter city, it not only provides different of services to help oversea company run their business in China, but also produce some products such as automotive, auto parts, chemical products, stainless steel.

There are lots of sourcing agents, trading companies, wholesale suppliers, purchasing companies, R&D offices or new product development companies in Shanghai, which can offer professional service to help you import from China. A reliable company in Shanghai always has strong capital strength, the internationalization of the management team and a mature project operation experience which makes you import from China at low risk.

8.7% of the products made in China are exported from Shanghai ports. China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone makes both exporters and importers spend low cost to import and export goods.

Nantong: Furniture and home textiles

Nantong is an important city in Zhejiang province. This is a city famous as home textiles and furniture manufacturing. Power tools made in Qidong (A sub-city of Nandong) is also famous all over the world. If you are planning to import power tools, textiles and furniture from China, manufacturers in Nandong should be in the list.

Ningbo: City with independent budgetary status

All the importers from oversea should even hear about Ningbo, it is a famous industrial city in China. There are lots of metal and plastic product manufacturers in this industrial city. For example, you can discover thousands of stamping parts, die casting parts, sand casting, plastic injection molding, auto parts and performance parts manufacturing suppliers in Ningbo. 

Ningbo is also famous as the Ningbo port, products made in Ningbo and Yiwu are loading here. Most of the product made in China can set out from Ningbo to you country.

Wenzhou: Everything can be made in Wenzhou

Wenzhou is one of the famous city in China. And all of us we know that most of the product can be made in Wenzhou. Textile, daily necessities, hardware tool, auto parts and other manufacturing products are can be found in Wenzhou market. As a responsible procurement solutions company in China, we tell you that please take care the quality of the products made in Wenzhou due to there are lots of small family workshops without quality control system.

Guangzhou:  The third largest Chinese city

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province, it is the largest city in southern China and also one of the most important industrial city in China.

Electronic products, face cream, make-up tools, LED products, artworks products, video game equipment, jewelry products, hair accessories, leather products, Jeans wear for men, women, and kids are the popular product manufactured in Guangzhou.

Shenzhen: Special Economic Zones in China

Shenzhen is the Special Economic Zones in China. It is a major city and famous as electronic products manufacturing in China(All we know iPhone and iPad are made in Shenzhen). 

For example, USB flash disk for phone, memory card, cheap mobile phone, 4G LTE Router, and power bank are made in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is not only the world of electronic products, but also the city of manufacturing, such as die casting products, plastic parts, auto parts, packing products, jewelry products, and women’s clothing.

As the supply chain of electronic products in China, these electronic products made in Shenzhen can range from high-tech to low-end product and complex products to simple products. In this city, you also can find a some R&D offices to help you develop new products.

Zhuhai: A City closes to Macao

Zhuhai is coastal city closes to Macao and Hong Kong. Furniture, and mirror products are the famous goods made in Zhuhai. If you are importing LED mirror from China, you can find lots of factories in this city.

Shantou: The City of Toys

Lots of the people lives in Hong Kong are from Shantou. It is an important coastal city in Guandong province. Principal products manufactured in Shantou are sweaters, toys, loungewear, knitted underwear, plastic material and packing and printing equipment.

Zhanjiang: The City of sugar products

Zhanjiang is a coastal city closes to Beihai and Haikou. It is a city with 4,000 years old. Sugar products are the famous goods and the most important industry in Zhanjiang. Toys is an important industry too.

Xiamen: Coastal City opposite Taiwan

Most of taiwan companies establish their factories in Xiamen. So most of the product made in Xiamen are relevant to the products made in Taiwan manufacturing companies. Such as carbon rims, carbon bicycle parts, stainless steel tableware, auto parts, and hardware tool.

Tianjin: The national center city of China

Tianjin is municipality directly under the central government. It is also a city has China Pilot Free Trade Zone. Most of the products made in Tianjin are large project, such as air plane, steamship, helicopter, truck and truck parts.

Dalian: A beautiful city in China

There are about 16,000 companies based in Dalian, China, most of them are about clothing, petroleum product, aquatic products and furniture. It is also an important port in China.

Qinhuangdao: The happiest cities in China

Qinhuangdao is a city with over 2,000 years history, it is the happiest cities in China. Most of the products in this city are related to grain crop, glass, cement and new type of building material are the major products made in Qinhuangdao.

Yantai: A beautiful city in China

With 6,500,000 people, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, textile and food products are the main economic of Yantai. Most of the chemical fertilizer in the world are exported from Yantai port.

Weihai: Coastal city in Shandong Province

There are 1600 companies in this city. Compared with the other industrial cities in China, it is not a manufacturing city.

Lianyungang: Coastal city in Jiangsu Province

It is a industrial city in China, silicon material products, petrochemical products, salt chemical products, carbon fiber products and metallurgy products are the important products made in Lianyungang.

Fuzhou: The provincial capital of Fujiian province

As the provincial capital of Fujian province, Fuzhou focus on auto parts, textile and plastic parts manufacturing. If you are an importer from Taiwan, import products from Fuzhou or Xiamen is a good idea.

Beihai: Small City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

This is a small city in Southern part of china. Although it is one of a Chinese coastal cities opening to the outside world, but we can find anything about it is an industrial city. Most of the product export from this city are to Association of Southeast Asian Nations such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Overview to import from China

Although these Chinese coastal cities are Opened To the outside world early and some of them are belonged to the “One Belt, One Road” cities, but most of them can be the right manufacturing sourcing sources in China because few factory are located here. Importing from a city without advantage points such as competitive price and good quality is waiting money and time. Nanong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Guanzhou, and Shenzhen are the first level to consider finding Chinese manufacturers. Of course, there a lot of city which are not in the list of “Chinese Coastal Cities Opening To The Outside World” can be sourced, such as Yiwu in Jinhua, Kunshan in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Fegnhua, Wuxi, Foshan, and Zhongshan, etc.

Import from China is not no risk, finding a reliable manufacturer is the first step to outsourcing to China. For example, you are planning to find a die casting parts manufacturing supplier in China. You need quality control, on time delivery control, and pre-shipment inspection after developing tooling. These are daily works to guarantee product produced under your requirement and delivered on time, however, it is impossible or high cost to visit China in person every time. So, you need an available procurement solutions when importing and purchasing from China.