Die Casting Machine List from Vendors in China.

If you want to outsource die casting, you need to know the production capacity of a manufacturing company. And the number of device is one of the most important when manufacturing sourcing.This is the die casting machine list from a manufacturing company in China. We think it is a good die casting manufacturer.

The list of die casting machine from China Manufacturing Company.

Machine List From Die Casting Factory QC Device List From Die Casting Factory
Die casting machine 130T Projection Measure
Die casting machine 160T CMM
Die casting machine 200T Length measure machine
Die casting machine 280T Caliper
Die casting machine 400T Spectrograph
Die casting machine 500T X-ray fault detector
Die casting machine 630T Salt spraying tester Machine
Die casting machine 700T metallography Phase analyzer
Die casting machine 800T Impregnation Machine
Die casting machine 900T Tesiler tester Machine
Die casting machine 1000T Hardness tester machine
Die casting machine 1250T Ageing tester Machine
Die casting machine 1600T Tensile tester Machine
Die casting machine 2000T  
CNC turning machine  
Numerical control lathe  
Shot blasting machine  
Spark erosion machine  
CNC Machine  
Milling machine  
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