Die Casting Manufacturers: Supplier Development In China

Die casting manufacturer sourcing China

Everyone knows that there are thousands of die casting manufacturers in China. Find a good die casting factory is not an easy thing in China. However, supplier development service provided by third party company is helpful. They help you to source the real manufacturer in China according to your requirements. It is one of the most economic ways to discover reliable manufacturing companies in China.

The season for people uses third-party supplier development service when finding die casting manufacturers in China

  • Find die casing manufacturers through a sourcing services company can save money and time.
  • Some Chinese companies have lots of certified manufacturers, which can help customer find the right one within 24 hours.
  • Free RFQ service helps customers get a lot of quotations in a short time.
  • The sourcing services charge is low enough(Start from 69USD).
  • Some services company provide 7 X 24 hours working time.

Die casting manufacturers

Die Casting manufacturing Sourcing in China.

1, Die Casting in Complex Shapes

The shapes is too complex to find a reliable manufacturer. As a manufacturing sourcing solutions company in China, Discover Sourcing Limited need to handle lots of complex shapes die casting products every year.

2, Manufacturing Capability

Die casting machines from manufacturers for reference: 1600T, 1250T, 900T, 800T, 630T, 500T, 400T, 350T, 280T, 180T, 160T, 88T. Those are the common types.

3, Typical Lead Time for Die Casting Tooling

A, For Production Tooling

  • The lead time for tooling is 3~4 weeks.
  • When tooling is ready, the lead time for Samples is 1~1.5 weeks.
  • After sample approved, the lead time for mass production is 1~3 weeks.

B, For Prototype Tooling

  • The lead time for tooling is 1~2 weeks.
  • When tooling is ready, the lead time for Samples is 0.5~1 week.
  • After sample approved, the lead time for mass production is 3~5 days.

4, Tooling Life Expectancy

  • Production Tooling: 50K – 400K shots.
  • Prototype Tooling: 10K – 50K shots.

5, Materials for Die Castings

  • Metals.
  • Aluminum.
  • Lead.
  • Magnesium.
  • Tin.
  • Zinc.
  • Copper.

More details about material for aluminium alloy die castings, please follow this link.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Outsourcing to China

6, Manufacturers Location in China

We suggest you to find supplier from the cities at Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. A supplier for oversea customer should be at coastal city, which can save the freight for you.

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