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Die casting outsourcing to China.

You must do some surveys before making a decision on die casting outsourcing to China. Here is some suggestions relating to import from China from Discover Sourcing Limited who is the best manufacturing sourcing services company in China.

1, Confirm where you can die casing manufacturing suppliers. A supplier locates at coastal city can save some freight cost. Some areas in China can be suggested to overseas customers, they are Guangdong province, Shanghai city, Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province.

Die casting outsourcing to China

2, Confirm the type of manufacturing workshop you are interested in. There are a lot of die casting manufacturers in China, a supplier called XX factory or XX Co., Ltd? Most of XX factories are small scale factory (they are not limited company) but low cost, either some quality risk. An organization called XX Co., Ltd is a real limited company in China,  most of them are provide higher price than a XX factory, but the quality system is more reliable. Of course, you can discover some  limited company run at low cost with reliable quality management system if you are willing to pay the time to source them from hundreds of die casting manufacturing suppliers. As a matter of fact, DiscoverSourcing.com is a company runs at this type. We develop manufacturing supplier for customers according to their requirements. Customers can give us their target price and quality management system requirement, we source and verify supplier from our data system or hundreds of suppliers in China, and then we provide our customer the best solution which is for his project only.

Die casting outsourcing to China looks easy, but you still need to keep your eyes open and make sure you can select a supplier who can provide low price and quality guarantee as well.

For example, if you select a small factory without quality system, but they didn’t have experience on importing, you may need to pay more than work with a good supplier who offer a higher price in total. Price is the most important thing when importing from China, you also need to consider quality, shipping cost, supplier’s experiences and technical capacity.

3. NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement)  is one of the most important agreement when outsourcing to China. You need to get the signature from your potential die casting supplier before releasing the drawing, prints, or samples.

If the potential supplier don’t want to sign NDA agreement with you before quoting, DiscoverSourcing.com suggests you to give us this supplier because it is unreliable according to our China sourcing experience. There are so many manufacturing suppliers in China, we believe you can find the right one for you.

4. Verify and audit the supplier which is an important step to develop a die casting supplier when outsourcing to China. Die casting outsourcing to China is not without risk, you need to find the right supplier.

5. Negotiate for reasonable price, develop a tooling, making sample, approve sample, trial order and then place mass production order. Those are the last step to import from China.

These are the simple flow for die casting parts outsourcing to China. We have succeed develop die casting supplier for dozens of customers from USA. They are auto parts importers, performance products company, and design office. Here is some die casting components and products from China manufacturer for reference. These die casting parts are made in China and exported to USA.

Die casting outsourcing to China Die casting outsourcing to China Die casting outsourcing to China Die casting outsourcing to China

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