We Love Sourcing Events in China.

This is a page about Discover Sourcing Limited Events, events related to will be shared here. We hope people love to work with us or like to hire us as their purchasing partner or sourcing agent in China.

We based in Shanghai, China which is a large scale of manufacturing country. We struggle because we believe we will be a greater sourcing company in China. We also believe we can help every customers who choose us and believe us.

we have help hundreds of overseas companies optimize their supply chain and import from China at lower cost. People love to work with us due to we are outstanding and different, we can do the thing which most of sourcing agents cannot be able to do.

We are outstanding because we can find the products for customers at lower price but the quality is better. We are different due to we are a team with specialists, our team members specialize in their fields, we can design new products for customers which few of Chinese sourcing services or solutions company can do.

We know the development trend of sourcing in China, no one like poor quality product made in China, no one want to work with an offshore partner with bad services. We are a company provide value-added services to exceed expectation and satisfaction. We hate bad quality products made in China, we will not purchase or introduce these kinds of manufacturers to our customers because we know “Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you“. Events

  • May, 2015 – Shanghai team.
  • August, 2015 –
  • October, 2015 – Discover Sourcing Limited.
  • November, 2015 – Facebook.
  • November, 2015 – Twitter.
  • January, 2016 – Yiwu team.