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Complete Guide to Import From China

Import From China = Gain More Profits?
Here is the answer:

  1. Import From China = Cost Saving;
  2. Cost Saving = Gain More Profits;
  3. So, Import From China = Gain More Profits.

Why People Import From China?

Getting products at low price and high-quality is the main motivation for the people and overseas companies to import from China. According to the data from China Government, there are over 3 millions manufacturers and over 5 millions of semi-finished products and products made in China (For example, there are over 1.7 million products at Yiwu international trade city). And another data is that China exports about USD37 thousands billions in 2015. Maybe, your cup is “made in China”, your pan is “made in China”, your phone and computer is made in China, too. It can be said without exaggeration that every thing and products you purchased for daily can be made in China.

What Can You Import From China.

China, as a country with large-scale of manufacturing, you can import anything but the products in the limit list of government for general trade. For example, you can import most of the auto parts such as water pump, manifold, engine fittings and parts, rims, car light. This is all categories for products, parts and components import from China, agriculture & food, apparel & accessories, arts & crafts, auto, motorcycle parts & accessories, bags, cases & boxes, chemicals, computer Products, construction & decoration, consumer electronics, electrical & electronics products, furniture, health & medicine, industrial equipment & components, instruments & meters, light Industry & daily use, lights & lighting, manufacturing & processing machinery, metallurgy, mineral & energy, office supplies, packaging & printing, security & protection, service, sporting goods & recreation, textile, tools & hardware, Toys, Transportation. You can import most of the products from China, but you must consider the shipping cost and the value of your purchase order. For example, you are customer from US, you want to import 24PCS tumblers(304 s) from China, can find a stainless, but, it is impossible to ship by sea or heavy air. The only way to delivery those cups is via international express. These are the hot products which you can import from China.

  • Auto parts — Oil Filter, Motorcycle Accessories, Truck Tyre, Radial Tyre, Car Tire, China Alternator, Car Lift, Motorcycle Tire, Brake Pad, Motorcycle Inner Tube, China Turbocharger, Car Dvr, Universal Joint, Electric Winch, Tire Changer, Air Filter, Shock Absorber, Tbr Tyre, Auto Brake Pad, Brake Shoe, Auto Horn, China Truck, Auto Accessory, Auto Engine, Automobile Parts, Radial Tire, Control Arm, China Helmet Car, DVD Player,Brake Pads;
  • Manufacturing — Investment Casting, Blow Molding Machine, China Winch, Stone Crusher, Chocolate Machine, Tower Crane, Concrete Mixing Plant, Paper Cup Forming Machine, Plate Compactor, Capsule Filling Machine, CNC Machine, China Machining, China Forging, Casting Part, Forming Machine, CNC Machining, Plastic Injection Mould, China Crane, Injection Mold, Block Machine, Metal Stamping, China Lathe, Iron Casting, Bending Machine, China Excavator, Paper Cutting Machine, China Loader, Extrusion Line, Die Cutting Machine, Sand Casting. 
  • Hardware and Tool — Cutting Tool, Grinding Wheel, China Castor, Caster Wheel, Diamond Blade, Diamond Wire, Paint Roller, Diamond Segment, China Tool, China Pneumatic, Tool Set, China Drill, China Abrasive, Rubber Wheel, China Caster, Garden Tools, Gas Spring, China Trimmer, Electric Winch, Impact Drill, Hot Air Gun, Annular Cutter, Gardening Saw, Rubber Wheels, Hand Tool Set, Cutting Wheel, Pneumatic Wheel, Cutting Saw Blade, Air Inlet, Hands Tool;
  • Outdoor and Sporting Products — Camping Tent, Playground Equipment, Indoor Playground, Gym Equipment, Event Tent, China Gazebo, China BBQ, China Fitness, China Skateboard, Inflatable Slide, Synthetic Turf, China Trampoline, Golf Cart, China Treadmill, Toddler Trampoline, China Quad, Musical Instruments, China Stepper, Artificial Grass, Motor Boat, Inflatable Tent, Fishing Net, Go Kart, China Skewer, Snow Scooter, Xbox Accessory, China Game, China Mat, China Violin, China Longboard;
  • Industrial Equipment & Components — China Welding, China Shaft, Water Treatment, Water Pump, China Generator, Diesel Engine, Water Filter, Generator Set, Air Compressor, Water Treatment Equipment, Hydraulic Cylinder, Conveyor Belt, Diesel Generator, Brass Valve, Ball Bearing, Diesel Generator, Set Check Valve, Centrifugal Pump, Hydraulic Fitting, Sprayer Pump, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Wind Turbine, Solenoid Valve, Gasoline Generator, Sewage Pump, Screw Air Compressor, Submersible Pump, Globe Valve, Rotary Dryer.
  • Bags, Cases & Boxes — Paper Bag, Fashion Bag, Phone Case, Shopping Bag, Laptop Bag, PVC Bag, China Handbag, Gift Bag, Tin Can, Backpack Bag, Cell Phone Case, Plastic Box, Leather Case, Cardboard Box, Tin Box, Leather Bag, Paper Shopping Bag, Watch Box, China Box, China Case, Plastic Bag, China Pack, Fashion Bags, Pu Leather, Big Bag, Computer Bags, China Purse, China Briefcase, Packaging Box, Mobile Phone Cover;
  • Arts & Crafts — Flex Banner, China Medal, Silicone Bracelet, China Keychain, China Flag, Fridge Magnet, China Coin, China Badge, Oil Painting, China Crystal, China Jewellery, Silicone Wristband, China Bracelet, China Lanyard, Christmas Gifts, Remy Hair, Hair Extension, Lapel Pin, China Sculpture, PVC Keychain, Silver Jewelry, China Souvenir, Candle Holder, China Cufflink, China, Fireworks, Bar Mat, Stainless Steel, Jewelry China Wristband, Clip Hair, Car Flag;
  • Electronics Products — Pro Audio, China Safe, China Charger, Portable Power, Mobile Power, China Heater, Mobile Phone Charger, Smart Phone, Mobile Power Bank, Mobile Phone Lcd, Vacuum Cleaner, Bluetooth Headset, Touch Screen, China Headphone, Solar Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, Water Cooler, Solar Heater, Solar Collector, Audio Products, Usb Cable, Air Conditioner, China Refrigerator, Li-ion Battery, Battery Pack, Heat Pump, Gas Stove, Underwater Video Camera, Pay Phone, Smart Sound;
  • Cable Products — HDMI Cable, Gps Tracker, Power Supply, USB Cable, LED Driver, UPS Battery, Solar Battery, LED Display Screen, Power Transformer, Lead Acid Battery, Switching Power Supply, China Thermostat, Solar Inverter, Frequency Converter, China PCBA, Terminal Block, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Network Cabinet, China Wire, China Switch, China Button, Storage Battery, Car Battery, Smart Card, Wall Switch, Fiber Optic, China Amplifier, Fiber Optic Cable, Meter For Electricity, Xlpe Cable. Armored cable, bare wire, doorbell wire, andscape lighting cables & connectors, network & data cables, non-metallic jacket wire, primary wire, pump cables, security cables, service entrance cables, speaker wire, specialty wire & cables, sprinkler wire, thermostat wire.

Is It a Problem for Importing Products From China if our Company Haven’t Set Up?

According to our experiences, it is no problem for most of the countries such as the United States and Europe. But, If you choose FOB term, you must hire a customs clearance broker or agency to work for you in your country. As fa as I know, most of the shipping company can help you on customs clearance at both port of departure and port of destination. Please don’t worry about this question, this is not a problem, is a responsible manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, we will confirm for you if it is necessary.

What Is The Complete Flows For Importing from China?

Before learning the full process to import from China, you must have a supplier or vendor in China. is a manufacturing sourcing services company and products sourcing agent in China, we offer supplier development services to help you discover reliable suppliers which can offer a lower prices and high-quality products in China. Here is the complete process to import from China, we focus on “flows for importing from China“.

  1. Find a supplier, manufacturer, factory, sourcing agent, sourcing services company who can offer the product to you directly.
  2. Tell them the information of product you are interested in import from China.
  3. If it is possible,  visit the supplier or hire third-party sourcing services company likes Discover Sourcing Limited to audit factory for you.
  4. Place a purchase order if you feel both sample and price is not problem.
  5. China suppliers process your products after you pay the down payment (30% or 50% of the purchase order).
  6. China Vendor finish manufacturing your products and you or your sourcing agent inspects the products.
  7. You approve the goods.
  8. Your sourcing agent or supplier will set about booking the shipping space Immediately and try to effect shipment within the limited time .
  9. Your vendor or sourcing agent does the paper works for exporting goods to you. This is the list: verification form of export payment of Exchange, export contract,  commercial invoice, packing list, letter of authorization for customs declaration, shipping mark. Those export documents will be shipped to China customs and customs broker or shipping company.
  10. Pick up your cargo and delivery to the forwarder’s warehouse.
  11. Your cargo has hoisted to the ship and will set out soon.
  12. Your sourcing agent or supplier received the  bill of lading after the boat leave China port to your country.
  13. Some supplier will ask you to pay the remaining payment at this step.
  14. The importing products arrives your port.
  15. You customs broker will do the customs clearance work for you, and you pay the customs duties and shipping cost for the products imported from China. (It depends on your country and your shipping company)
  16. Land transportation from your port to your company.
  17. You received the goods imported from China and feel happy.

This is a full process for product imported from China to your country but the details of process at importer’s side depends on the law of your nation. Maybe, you are from The United States of America, Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom or Australia, but the goods importing process is not so different.

Importing From China

What Is The Risk To Import From China?

We ever said that it isn’t without risk to import from China, such as poor quality risk, cheater risk, manufacturer risk, technical risk, deliver risk and lead time risk, etc. Those are real risks, although I think they’re exaggerated. So, we need to do something for risk reduction.

For example, to get high-quality product from China we can develop a quality manufacturer and inspect the products before shipment, ask for sample before placing a purchase order, hire a China sourcing services company or sourcing agent to work for you is also a good idea to cut the risk to import goods from China. Before paying your money to China, you’d better check is it a real supplier, factory or manufacturer in China. Discover Sourcing Limited is a sourcing services company, We shall be happy to help you for free.

How Can I Develop A Supplier In China?

To develop a good supplier for overseas company for importing quality-products from China is not easy. Some one told you that you can find supplier on alibaba, made-in-China, and, but, it is still not easy to find a reliable one. You can find a dozen suppliers in one second after you key the keywords on google or alibaba. For example, you want to find an aluminum die casting manufacturing in China, you key words “die casting parts” into the search bar on alibaba, and then you can see about 50 China die casting manufacturers. You can quote withe then one by one, but it is poor efficiency and most of them can not match your requirement. And those suppliers who is showing at the first page are high cost die casting companies duo to they buy the keywords like “die casting” or “die casting parts“, proverbs says, “without a sheep, there can be no wool”.

But, we still can discover good suppliers, vendors, factories or manufacturers via alibaba or google, too. If you are a new supplier development engineer or the fist time to import from China, you can follow’s  supplier development guide step by step.

  1. Looking for some potential suppliers on google and alibaba, the number should be over 10.
  2. Tell them your are interested in die casting parts importing from China and send the details of your die casting product via email.
  3. After you received the feedback, you can ask them some questions like “where is the factory location?”, “how many worker are there in you workshop or factory?”, “Who is your clients?” and “do you have quality control report?” “Do you have experience on import and export business?”.
  4. After receiving those answers, you release the supplier information card and supplier self assessment document to the supplier you are interented in.
  5. After getting the feedback of supplier’s information, If it is necessary,  you can sign a NDA with the supplier you are still interested in, please.
  6. Release your drawings or prints to your potential suppliers for quoting.
  7. Get the quotations with details from China suppliers. If one of them can not provide the details of the quotation, wu don’t suggest you to consider it. Because it is a high risk to work with this kind of suppliers in China.
  8. Pick out 2~3 suppliers at this step, try to know more details about them, such as the lead time, payment term, shipping cost, quality control system, QC team, technology engineer team, and so on. You also can ask them to take some videos or photos of production line and quality control system for you at this step.
  9. If you have time and wanting to visit the suppliers or manufacturers, please take a trip at this step.
  10. Negotiation on unit price and tooling.
  11. Select the suppliers and make a contract before placing the order.
  12. Ask for sample for material or others.
  13. Please tooling order or sample order, or low volume at the first time.
  14. After the tooling, sample or low volume order is approved, add the quantity at the next order.

This is the full process for how to develop China supplier. But, you still have a lot of thing to do during the development process.

Import From China

What Is the Shipping Cost Of Products Imported From China?

You can import goods from China via express shipment, boat shipment, heavy air shipment, and the shipping cost depends on “what is your products importing from China”, “Where is your company”, “What is volume of goods importing from China”, “the transport means you choose”, “Where is your supplier” and “who is your shipping company?”.

For example, it will take about 1100USD for 4.68CMB from Shanghai to the City at the middle of USA via MSK company, but it is about 600~800USD via other shipping company. And if you ship your product via express, it is also a deal of difference for different shipping company. For example, we ship 1kg to USA at 16~20USD via some of express company in China, but it is impossible to ship 1kg at 80 USD via Official UPS if you are a new customer of UPS company.

So, please contact Discover Sourcing Limited or manufacturers to confirm the shipping cost for you. As an outstanding manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, always try to get the economy supply chain solution before importing from China.

What Is The Lead Time To Import From China?

Import goods from China does not like purchasing in your country, you need to consider the lead time from China to your company. The lead time for Import from China includes manufacturing lead time and shipping lead time. In China, very few manufacturers or factory can sell you the stock of you place a large purchase order. Here is a list for full lead time for goods import from China to the United States:

  • 10~ 45 days for tooling or fixture made in China;
  • 2~15 days for sample produced and tested in China;
  • 3~10 days for shipping sample to you via express company;
  • 5~ 30 days for manufacturing in China
  • 5~10 days for booking the boat;
  • 10~20 days on sea from China port to US port;
  • 3~5 days for customs clearance;
  • 1~7 days from US port to your company;

In general case, it will take 35~45 days from China manufacturer’s warehouse to US customer’s warehouse via boat shipment; And if you choose heavy air shipment, it  will take about 12 days from China to your company. And if it is via express, it is about 3~8 days.

How To Pay If I Import Products From China?

For sample, some of supplier can provide free sample and free freight, you didn’t need to pay for the sample, but most of them ask you to pay for the sample and shipping cost. So, you can pay via PayPal or bank transfer;

For tooling, fixture, and mass product with value over 3000USD, you can pay via PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, and L/C. But very few suppliers agree you to pay via PayPal if it is over 3000USD due to some reason such as payment cost , exchange cost and friendly. Bank transfer is the first choose for most of China suppliers who export their goods to abroad. Western Union is also a good ways,but both you and supplier need going to the bank to handle it. L/C is one of high-cost payment term, it is not a good choice to import low volume from China for small business.

What Is The Minimal Order Quantity To Import From China?

For small business, it is not necessary to import a high quantities per time. You need to sell it out and then place new order. But, most of supplier in China are not interested in low volume business, they hope you can place a large purchase order at the first. I think is impossible for most of the overseas customers, we also suggest our customer don’t re;ease a large order to a new supplier.

If you want to import small quantities from China, try to find the supplier who can offer the stock, or a small-scale manufacturers with quality control system. But, please don’t choose a supplier who didn’t have quality team and control system.

How To Control The Quality If You Have Place An Purchase Order To China Vendors?

After you place an order to Chinese supplier, you need to take some measures to control the quality. Discover Sourcing Limited suggests you to ask your supplier take some photos or video for you before you pay the remaining payment or shipping to you if you can visit the supplier for inspection. You also can hire our QC team to inspect for you in China. This is a service to make import from China easy.

Should I Need To Hire A Sourcing Services Company?

A sourcing services company can do a lot of add value things for you in China, such as supplier development, quality control, supplier audit, price negotiation,  product inspection, shipment and payment support. If you are the first time to import from China, suggests you to hire us as your sourcing partner or sourcing agent in China.

Import From China

Thank You!

If you are interested in importing products made in China from Chinese manufacturers, please don’t hesitate to contact or submit your sourcing request to us.