Why Sourcing Agent

Why Sourcing Agent Can Discover Reliable Manufacturers in China?

China Sourcing agent can develop value manufacturer in China. You can get a better price or payment terms and shorter lead time from supplier in China though finding by sourcing agent. Yes, you also can do every thing by yourself, but, if you are a new importer, do you know how to cut the risk when importing from China? In this post, we will introduce the relationship between sourcing agent and Manufacturer in China, and also tell you why a sourcing agent or purchasing company can get a good price for overseas customers. It is also a guide to learn how to import from China.

1, Thousands of Sourcing Agents in China.

You can find more than 100 Chinese Sourcing agents via google, Alibaba or other websites. But how do find a good and right one? So other thing you need to consider, such as the experiences, products they are sourcing for other customers, What kind of manufacturers they ever work with, and who is their customer. Try to ask those questions with your China agent.

Before choosing a sourcing agent as your sourcing partner in China, you should know what you real need. For example, if you need a Strategic Sourcing supplier, you should find a strategic sourcing agent like Discover Sourcing Limited; If you are looking for electronic products manufacturers or agents, you should find a electronics sourcing agent; However, if you want to find a die casting manufacturer, you need to find a manufacturing sourcing agent. So, please choose a sourcing agent according to your needs.

2, Millions of China Manufacturers.

For example, you can find more than 3000 die casting manufacturers on 1688.com. The scale of those manufacturers are from 3~1000 people. You also can find lots of plastic parts manufacturers, stamping factories, tooling workshops on other B2B sites or trade shows. There are over one million manufacturers in China, you can import everything from China.

What are your products“,  “where are you from” and “How about your volume” are your considerations which will help you find a right manufacturer. Such as, if your volume is very low, it is better to buy via a wholesale supplier like AZAexpress.com which can give you a good price for small quantity products. It is a fact that some of China factories and sourcing agents are not interested in low volume parts or products. To save time, please tell them your purchase order volume.

3, How Do Sourcing Agents Find a Reliable Manufacturer in China?

A sourcing agent or sourcing services company can develop a good manufacturer for you (Supplier development services). In order to get a good manufacturer for you, a reliable sourcing agent need to pay lots of time to find the right one when they found the vendors on hand cannot match your needs.

Sourcing agents

For example, Discover Sourcing Limited develops a supplier via those methods.

  • Local vendor catalogues, B2B websites, search engine;
  • Trading shows and introduce by customers and other vendors.
  • Visit local supplier market or wholesale market.

After getting the supplier information, we need to confirm the information and audit it, RFQ and find the reliable and right one. Some of suppliers can give a good price but their companies don’t have quality control system, those kind of factories will be removed out of the list of discoversourcing.com suppliers system. The factories in a sourcing agent’s supplier system should be with low quality risk.

4, The Prices from Sourcing Agents and Suppliers.

When you ask a sourcing agent to do “RFQ” for you, you should give product information as more as possible, such as drawings or prints of the product, packaging and other identification needs, and it is better to tell them your target price you. After a sourcing agent gets those details, they will work for you high-efficiency. They quote with suppliers or develop new suppliers, negotiate to get a good price, lead time and payment for you.

A quotation from a sourcing agent should be the cost(original data) from factory, the number from supplier should be equal the number for you. This point is very important, if you want to import from China manufacturers directly, you should know anything about suppliers, including contacts, prices and address. A reliable sourcing agent should be a sourcing services company only, they should not a trading company and will not sell goods for you, their products should be “sourcing services”. If a sourcing agent can not offer the details of supplier for you, they should be a trading company, your product will have a risk on quality control. Your product may be manufactured at a Small family workshop which can provide a lower price without quality control.

Sourcing agents

So, if your volume is high or you have a demand on quality control, please ask your sourcing agent to provide the quality control system or report for your reference, such as supplier information card, Supplier Self Assessment and Sustainability Audit. And if it is necessary, don’t forget the NDA(NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT). If it is possible, ask your sourcing agent to give you the details of the quotation, such as what is the cost of material and manufacturing and Labors, etc.

In a word, price is very important for you, but quality control is more important for a China sourcing agent. A reliable sourcing agent should be your another eyes in China and will help you to cut the risk of purchasing in China.