DiscoverSourcing.com is owned and operated by Discover Sourcing Limited which is a product sourcing agent and manufacturing sourcing services company in China. Our mission is to help overseas companies source and import quality products from China at lower price. We are an outstanding sourcing agent, people who uses our outsourcing services can save both money and time. Hire us, you can focus on business, such as marketing, research and development, management, and after-sales service, etc.

We are a third-party procurement solutions company and aren’t the trading company. We specialize in sourcing products, you can import products from China manufacturing companies by purchasing our services or hire DiscoverSourcing.com to export the goods. It depends on the services package you select.

Unlike other sourcing companies in China or sourcing agents in China, we are your new-type of business partner. We provide complete China sourcing solutions to help overseas companies source products, develop Chinese suppliers, audit factories, manage purchase orders, operate projects transfer from oversea to China, quality control, on time delivery management, arrange shipment and customs clearance, etc. We are your another eyes in China.

How to choose your services?

I assume you are trading company from USA, here are some cases for reference.

If you are planning to hire us as your sourcing partner in China, please select our sourcing agent services which is a service package including anything. We help you source products, quality control, manage orders and shipment, etc.

If you are an experiences importer and hire someone to go quality control, please choose our product inspection service, we will help you check products during manufacturing or before shipping.

If you are only need someone to looking for Chinese suppliers for you, please choose our supplier development service. We will search and audit manufacturing companies according to your requirements.
Other services including supplier audit, supplier verify, and new product development services you also can purchase separately if you don’t use our sourcing agent services.

Will the price offered by you lower than B2B sites?

In most cases at least, because we know lots of supplier resources. As fa as we know, only 25% of China manufacturers can be discovered on internet(international). We arm at to help foreign small and medium companies discover valued suppliers in China.

Who are your customers?

At this stage, most of our clients are from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. They hire us to source products, find ODM/OEM suppliers in China, transfer projects to China, and guide them to import from China. Although, anyone is welcome to join us, no matter who you are, where you come from, how the size of order is, and what you are sourcing, as long as you are interested in importing products from China, we are glad to be your business partner in China.

Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, and other e-commerce platform sellers.
Retail business enterprises who buy wholesale from China.
Trading companies, wholesalers, and small business owners.
Manufacturing companies who source materials and parts from China.
Brand enterprises which transfer products to China.
Design companies and R&D office.

What products you can source?

We can source most of parts and products made in China, range from common commodities to customized products, including material, semi-manufactured, and finished goods. We not only source products but also search service provider. Tell us the products or services you are looking for, we will develop supplier according to the standard.

What kinds of supplier do your company sources?

All of our suppliers are real manufacturing companies with quality control system, based in China. As an outstanding sourcing agent and supplier development services provider in China, we only consider to cooperate with manufacturers who specialize in specific field.

Could you help us on low MOQ for small business?

Yes, we help small business sources low volume products from real manufacturer in China. We understand the small quantity requirement and try our best to get good price with low MOQ.

What kinds of product price you offer?

The prices we offer to customers are suppliers’ prices, no additional percentage, i.e., EXW or FOB. If you need price for CIF or other trade terms, we are glad to help you.

Does the price include services free?

No, the price is supplier’s price, no additional percentage. We will charge the service fees separately. Because it depends on the service package you are interested in.

What are your service fees?

We provide professional sourcing services to help people import from China, the service fees depends on the service items you need and the value of purchase order you will place. You can learn more details on our service charge page.

How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, Ria Financial, and Visa or MasterCard through PayPal.

Will you provide supplier contact information to me?

It depends on the service packages you select. For example, you will access to supplier’s contact information if you purchase our supplier development services.

Can you introduce freight forwarder who can offer low transport price to us?

We collaborate with some freight forwarders who offer low transport price, including international express, air freight, and ocean shipping. We will introduce these freight forwarders to you if you need.

Could you handle customs clearance?

Of course, we help you handle customs clearance and make sure you can received goods on time. We cooperate with reliable freight forwarder who can ship products to your door.

Can you develop new product for customers?

Yes, we have a team with some EA certified engineers which can help customers design new products. As mentioned above, DiscoverSourcing.com is not only a product sourcing agent but also a manufacturing sourcing services company. Our technical team can develop new products for clients who outsource design work.