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A good die casting supplier or vendor should have a series of QC equipment or quality control devices to meet customer’s quality control requirements. You only need to check their quality control devices if you want to find a die casting manufacturer in China in a short time. Because a company will not but a lot of quality test devices if they can’t make a big business.

Common quality control tools or devices list from die castings manufacturers in China.

  • X-ray fault detector.
  • CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine).
  • Length measure machine.
  • Caliper, Spectrograph.
  • Salt spraying tester Machine.
  • Metallography Phase analyzer.
  • Impregnation Machine.
  • Tesiler tester Machine.
  • Tensile tester Machine.

It is simple but helpful ways to find a reliable manufacturing supplier who can supply quality die casting products made in China. But what I’ve written in other post, we need to audit a supplier of carefulness if we really have a plan about outsourcing to China.

Find a manufacturer in China, especially a real manufacturing supplier for strategic procurement, we need to keep our eyes open.

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