Four Simple Steps to Import USB Flash Drive from China

USB Flash Drive China Wholesale

USB Flash Drive is small parts and easy to ship via international express. In China, it is easy to purchase USB Flash Drive from real manufacturers. But for a new importer, he needs to learn how to find a USB Flash Drive supplier and import from China if he doesn’t want to hire a sourcing agent?  In this article, we will introduce how to find USB Flash Drive manufacturers who can offer low price for good quality products.

Step 1: Find USB Flash Drive Supplier in China

It is low cost and easy to find and discover supplier, factory, and manufacturer at e-commerce age. In order to find a USB Flash Drive manufacturer, you don’t need to visit China in person if your business is too small. As a matter of fact, most of small businesses are finish online. However, find the right manufacturers is not an easy thing likes buy goods from supermarket, especially to find USB Flash Drive supplier. You need to learn how to verify real manufacturers and not a trader, and this is the first step.

No matter you find suppliers from B2B site or search engine. Ask for a copy of business license is first step. If you want to import from a actual manufacturer, please ask your supplier to show you the words in manufacturing in business scope on the business license. (China’s State Administration will not let a trading company to define their business scope by using  the word such as manufacturing(生产、加工、制造、组装) if it is a trading company.)

USB Flash Drive For Phone
USB Flash Drive For Phone

Alibaba, Global Sources, made in China and Aliexpress are the famous website to find Chinese suppliers, especially electronic products wholesalers. If you have target price, you also can hire a China sourcing partner to help you source the product which is a good method to save time to import from China.

Step 2: Negotiate for reasonable price for USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive made in China are always hot sell, but, if you import the fade or bad quality, you will be loss. So, before placing purchase order or releasing deposit, you need to confirm with them for some information.

  • The workshop should be over 80 people. If the workshop is too small, the quality is always bad. As a purchasing agent in China, we don’t suggest overseas customers import product from a supplier without quality management system.
  • Please confirm with the supplier that the USB Flash Disk is “full”, and not showing is “full”, it should be really “full”. Some small factories offer low price but the quality is bad.
  • Ask them to tell you the brand of chip they are using.
  • Warranty time, the longer, the better. As far as we know, most of reliable USB Flash Drive manufacturers can provide one year warranty.
  • Engrave the logo is always free for most of USB Flash Drive factories in China.
  • MOQ (minimum order quantity) can be negotiated.

After you confirm those information, you can talk with the supplier for you target price if you plan to place a large purchase order (Such as more than 1000 PCS).

Step 3: Delivery USB Flash Drive via low cost express company

As mentioned above, USB Flash Drive is a small size parts, most of the customers choice to ship by express. is a sourcing agent in China, we not only source product for customers, but also cooperate with some freight forwarders who can provide the lowest shipping cost or solutions. Such as delivery 1kg to USA from Shanghai, China, it is only 15 USD. If you are interested in import small volume from China via international express, we can help you for free.

BTW, if the value of package is under 500 USD, you don’t need to declare at the customs in China.

Step 4: Pay customs duties and VAT

Before receiving USB Flash Drive package, you may need to pay customs duties and VAT for customs in you country. The fees is depended on the local government, but if the value of the package is less than a number, such as 500USD in China, and 50USD in UK, you will not need to pay for the customs duties and VAT.

These are the complete guide to buy wholesale and import USB Flash Drive from China. In general case, an agent or purchasing company can offer you a lower price due to they have different sources. They can discover the suppliers who can not be found on international B2B sites and search engine(most of Chinese manufacturers didn’t have information in English but export products though trading company).

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