How To Find A Good Manufacturer For Plastic Injection Molding In China?

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How to Find a Good Manufacturer for Plastic Injection Molding In China?

Plastic parts made in developing country always can get a lower price than made in domestic. According to the date from our consultant company, sourcing in India or China can get 5%~15% cost saving than purchasing from developed country directly. This is the answer for why so many US manufacturers shut down their workshops and outsource to China.

  1. Find plastic injection molding manufacturing suppliers via google, alibaba or baidu. These are the most economic ways to discover potential suppliers.
  2. Try to know something about those suppliers, such as equipment list, quality control devices, workshop area, the number of employee, the number of engineer and managers, quality management system, and the products they specialize in.
  3. Try to ask them give you some pictures or videos about products, workshop, production line, gate or building, and the quality control equipment.
  4. Visit their website and ask for the product catalogs.
  5. Sign an NDA if it is necessary before releasing any drawing or the documents about your products.
  6. Get some quotations from different suppliers. Try to ask them for the details of quotation. As an experience sourcing solutions company in China, we found it is no use to get a price without any details in China. Because some supplier may tell you that their price is wrong before you place a purchase order. So please ask for the details of prices.
  7. Negotiate with the vendor or supplier who provides a reasonable price.
  8. It is necessary to audit a new supplier before sending money to China.

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Why you need a sourcing agent for plastic parts?

  1. Sourcing agent can save time on and discover reliable plastic injection molding supplier.
  2. Save money on visiting and auditing factories.
  3. You can get some reasonable prices within two or three days.
  4. Issues can be solved in a short time. For example, a manufacturing sourcing solutions company works 16 hours per day.
  5. They can help discover local supplier who could offer low price and high quality plastic product.
  6. They also can help you on other items such as shipping, inspection, QC and payment.
  7. Most of purchasing agent in China can provide some free sample.