How To Find A Good Manufacturer Of Aluminum Die Casting Alloys In China

aluminum die casting alloys

How to find a good manufacturer for aluminum die casting alloys?

A aluminum die casting alloys manufacturing supplier specialized in his field is the most expected when die castings outsourcing to China. In order to help people find a real manufacturer in China, we share our sourcing both knowledge and supplier development experiences to you. Hoping it is helpful for die casting products made in China.

Common material used on aluminum die casting alloys.

  • A380
  • ADC12
  • ADC6
  • ALSi10Mg
  • ALSi12Fe
  • ALSi9Cu3
  • ALSi12Cu1Fe
  • ALSi12CuNiMg
  • ALSi12Cu2

Die Casting Supplier Development Requirements.

  • OEM casting service, rich experience on this field
  • Material to process: Aluminum Die Casting Alloys.
  • Products have been exported to Japan, America, Canada, England, or Belgium.
  • Products include automotive parts, railroad parts, medical parts, marine parts, lighting parts, pump body, valve parts, architectural parts and furniture parts.
  • Be able to supply sheet metal, mechanical parts machining, surface treatment such as anodize and plating according to customers’ requirement.
  • Die casting vendor has the ability to communicate with English and Chinese.
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
die-casting-outsourcing to China-Discoversourcing
die-casting-outsourcing to China-Discoversourcing
die-casting-outsourcing to China-Discoversourcing
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