How to Find Die Casting Manufacturers in China?

Die Casting Manufacturers

Die Casting Manufacturing is one of the most important metal casting process. The main die casting alloys are zinc die casting, aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting, copper die casting, lead die casting, and tin die casting. If your products are manufactured by die casting process, outsourcing to China is the best ways to cost down. You can read this post as a die casting parts supplier development guide which is a useful knowledge about how to find die casting manufacturers in China.

1, Where is die casting parts importer from?

If you are a customer from Japan or Republic of Korea, a die casting manufacturer in Shanghai, Ningbo, Kunshan or Wuxi can save a lot of shipping cost for you. Shanghai die casting factories alway can offer high-quality products, but the price is a 20% higher than a manufacturer from other city, such as Wuxi and Ningbo. There are lots of die casting manufacturers in Guangdong province, China. If you are a importer from Australia, you can get a cost saving via working with a supplier from Guandong.

But if you are a customer from US or UK, it is no different to select a vendor in Guangdong or Shanghai. So, the first step is to tell your potential sourcing agent, purchasing partner, or supplier where are you from. If you decide to develop suppliers yourself, you can choose suppliers according to our guide on China map.

2, What is die casting products?

Aluminium die casting parts, zinc die casting products, magnesium die casting parts, lead die casting, tin die casting, and copper die casting. Please tell your supplier details, such as material and finish coating. And if your products are with inserts, you also need to give them the details of inserts.

Describe your product with a picture can save a lot of time for you when you discuss questions with a China manufacturer for your die casting components.

3, Will you import high volume die casting products from China?

You need to develop a tooling or mould for a die casting component, the cost rank is from 1,000USD to 30,000USD for a common parts. So, before asking suppliers to give you quotations, you need to tell your die casting vendors the forecast of the volume for each purchase order and annual volume. Some of the manufacturers are not interested in low volume products, if you quote with them, you will never receive the feedback or they offer you an unreasonable tooling cost or unit price.

Please don’t waste time on big scale manufacturers(over 1000 people) if your purchase order is lower than USD500,000 each year. It is hard to get a good lead time, payment term and good services to work with them.

4, How to find a die casting manufacturer in China?

You can find manufacturers via internet if you have finish reading the mention steps. If you can’t read in Chinese, it doesn’t matter, you can do it, too.

  • Visit, you can input the keyword “压铸件” and them look for a website link on picture or banner. Then you open the link and visit the die casting manufacturer website.
  • Via, you also can use the word “压铸件”, then open the link and send them your E-mail, it is easy.
  • You also can use google images search, use keyword “压铸件”, open the link of picture, it should be a China die casting manufacturer too.

5, Double check the information of die casting factory.

When you have some die casting manufacturers sources on hand, you need to find the right one(and another one for backup). Send them a supplier information card and get the feedback. If you don’t have supplier information card, please tell us, we can share with you for free. You need to check with them for those points.

  • Import and export operation rights. If a manufacturer have this power, they can save 1%~3% for you. And it is safe to pay via their company account. Please know that a China factory will never have a US account if they don’t have the import and export operation rights, and they need to received the foreign currency via agency.
  • Quality Control System. Ask them to give you their QC report, and take some new pictures of quality control tools for you, such as three – coordinates measuring machine and x-ray defect detector.
  • Details of quotation. A reliable die casting manufacturer should tell you their details of quotation. If a new supplier can’t tell you the details of a die casting FRQ, you will have a risk on price change before you place a purchase order. Some unreliable supplier will tell you that they have mistake calculation on unit price. So, it is necessary to get the details of die casting quotation when you quote with a new China manufacturer.

You also can audit supplier in person or hire a third party company to audit for you. Because the quality is the most important when outsourcing to China.

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