How to Find Tent Manufacturers or Suppliers and Import from China?

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Import tent products from real tent manufacturers in China can make more money. For example, a tent sold on Amazon or eBay is  $39.9, but the price is only $9.9 when exporting from Chinese tent manufacturers, factories, and suppliers. The save quality, but different price. There are approximately 3500 companies who sell tents in China, and 20% of them are real tent factories and actual tent manufacturers. In order to get a lower price from China tent supplier, some of tent importers want to import tents from actual tent manufacturers in China. As a reliable sourcing agent in China, helps lots of importers to source products from real manufacturers every year. In this article, you not only learn how to find reliable tent manufacturers in China, but also learn how to import tents from China.

Types of tent include basic ridge tent, dome tent, geodesic tent, semi-geodesic tent, instant tent, quick-pitch tent, inflatable tent, outdoor tent, tunnel tents, pod living tent, large family tent, frame tent, tepee tent, trailer tent, and folding camper (camping tent), etc. Overseas customers can source all of these tents or tent manufacturers in China. Here is a complete guide to find Chinese tent manufacturers.

Step 1: Source tent manufacturers on B2B sites and search engine

B2B sites is the first place to search Chinese suppliers, including tent manufacturers, and factories. 30% of Chinese manufacturers use alibaba (International services), and 90% of Chinese factories’ information can be found 1688 (Chinese services), and 90% of trading company in China purchase alibaba services (Lots trading companies who supply tents claim that they are tent manufacturers). So, you can use B2B sites to find tent manufacturers, but most of them are not real tent manufacturers. As mention just now, most of tent suppliers on B2B sites are not real tent manufacturers but trading companies. They source and purchase products from tent manufacturers who don’t use alibaba international services and sell to customers at a higher price (At least 12%, but most of them are 20%). If you don’t care about it, you can purchase tents from those tent suppliers who claim they are tent manufacturers or factories due to they can provide a lower MOQ and better services than purchase from the real tent manufacturers who use alibaba services. But, we suggest customers to do business with a honest and trustworthy supplier instead of those false companies.

You should realize that 50% of Chinese manufacturers who use alibaba company’s international sourcing services need to handle lots of RFQ every day, because all of the people and overseas customers want to import products from real manufacturers. Those manufacturers are busy and have no lack of purchase order. A few of them reject the low volume or small quantity purchase order for small business. If you’re lucky, they may promise to offer you products but provide poor services, long lead time, and unfair payment terms to you if they find you can not place a larger purchase order in the future. Yes, you should not find such a tent manufacturer as your Chinese supplier if you want to import tents from China smoothly. Continue to follow us, you will learn how to discover reliable tent manufacturers in China at low cost.

If you want to learn how to confirm a Chinese supplier is a real manufacturer, please follow this link “How to Confirm a Chinese Supplier is a Real Manufacturer?“.

In our sourcing experiences, all the real manufacturers can offer a lower price but need a higher MOQ, most of them have a MOQ list with different prices. A trading company can provide a lower MOQ but offer a higher price. And a sourcing services company or sourcing agent can source from real manufacturers who are willing to offer lower MOQ requirement. (It means that can help you to source tent products from real and reliable tent manufacturers at low price for small business. We are a manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, we provide sourcing solutions to help overseas customers import quality products from China at low-cost. We specialize in tent sourcing in China too. We have help some customers from Australia and USA source tent products from China tent manufacturers. We provide full sourcing services to help customers import product from China.)

This is the complete guide to source products via China sourcing agent, it is also available to source tent manufacturers in China. If you are interested in sourcing in China via a Chinese sourcing agent, please read this article “China sourcing agent helps you import from China.“.

Google is the best search engine to find Chinese tent manufacturers. Use some keywords, such as, China tent manufacturers, tent manufacturing in China, tent manufacturer Zhejiang province, China, and tent factory, Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. In our experience, use the keywords group “tent manufacturer” + “City name” + “China” can find a lots of Chinese tent manufacturers. In China, most of tent manufacturers locate at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan, Donguan, Danyang, Yiwu, Jinhua, Quzhou, and Wuyi. The tents suppliers discovered by using this keywords group are always actual tent manufacturing companies. Unfortunately, most of those tent manufacturers are running at high cost or offer higher prices due to they can get lots of enquiry from google every day.

Tent Products from Tent Manufacturers in China

Tent Products from Tent Manufacturers in China

If you need customized tents made in China, please chose tent manufacturers who have design capacity. In China, most of small-scale tent manufacturers don’t have R&D capacity. Most of those tent manufacturers are small workshop with the number of employee less than 40.

Step 2: Quote and negotiate with tent manufacturers

We presume you have discover some real tent manufacturers at this step. Before contacting those tent manufacturers, you need to make a list (document) of requirements for tents which you are planning to import from China. The list is very important, because Chinese tent suppliers will give you quotations according to these information. Here is a list for your reference, you can make the requirements document according to those items.

  • Material requirements for each parts.
  • Volume for each order and annual volume forecast.
  • Some pictures of the sample (If you have a sample).
  • Provide dimension details if you don’t have a print for the tent.
  • Target price, EXW, FOB, CIF, or DDU.
  • Tell Chinese tent manufacturers that the quotation should be with details and cost analysis.
  • Packing requirement should be included unit packaging, carton packaging, and export packaging. 
  • Payment terms (Most of Chinese tent manufacturers request 30% deposit + 70% final payment before booking).
  • Lead time.
  • Quality control level. (Tent manufacturers with quality management system should be the first level of consideration)

Email these RFQ requirements to your Chinese tent manufacturers one by one and you will get some feedback within 1~3 days. In these days, your tent manufacturers or suppliers may ask you some questions which they are not clear, please tell them what you know (If you can).

After getting quotations from tent manufacturers, please check the price details and cost analysis from tent manufacturers. Negotiate with these tent manufacturers you are interested in their price or terms until you are satisfied with all terms and will not have any questions before order samples. (As a China sourcing agent, requests suppliers to offer price details and cost analysis sheet. It is an irresponsible quotation if a Chinese supplier provide a quotation sheet without any details.)

Step 3: Place purchase order to Chinese tent supplier

Reliable manufacturer, good quality, good payment terms, and on time delivery are the most important points to import goods from China. No matter how size the order is, and what product you source, you always need to pay attention to them.

  • Most of overseas customers import products from Chinese small and medium suppliers. From step 1 to step 2 we have learn how to find reliable tent manufacturers and know that select a tent supplier with quality management system is your priorities.
  • As far as we know, most of Chinese manufacturers request 30% deposit when customer places a purchase order, and the last 70% payment should be pay after product inspection but before booking. For a new importer and do small business new Chinese supplier, it is hard to negotiate for better payment.
  • After releasing the 30% deposit payment, please ask your tent manufacturer to tell you the inspection date if they don’t have any stock. Send a reminder to your tent supplier before the deadline.
  • If you order some samples from tent manufacturers, 100% down payment for samples are requested, and most of tent supplier can provide samples within 5 working days.

Price is approved → Ask for sample for confirm → Sample is approved → Place Trial Order (Option) → Place mass product order are the step by step flow to purchase in China. Release deposit payment and tent manufacturer starts to make samples or produce mass product directly. Tent is unlike with other products, as a sourcing agent in China, suggests customers to buy some tent sample from 2~3 tent manufacturers for quality confirm before deciding to place a large purchase order. You also can know the ability of these tent manufacturers through making samples.

Step 4: Quality control and arrange shipment

Discover potential tent manufacturers, select one of them as your tent supplier from so many tent suppliers and suppliers in China, release deposit payment to your Chinese tent supplier, and the tent supplier starts to produce your tent products. After manufacturing is finish, some of tent customers arrange a third-party product inspection services company to check tent products at their tent manufacturers or suppliers’ warehouse. And then arrange the final payment to the supplier according to the product inspection report.

Third party product inspection service is one of the quality control services provide by third-party product inspection services company or sourcing services company likes Discover Sourcing Limited. They arrange inspector to inspect product at manufacturer’s warehouse or test lab.

If you want to learn more about China product inspection services, please follow this article “Product Inspection Services: Import Quality Products from China“.

After receiving the final payment from customer, tent supplier will arrange the shipment, such as booking, truck and customs services. If your price is not Ex-works terms, Chinese tent supplier will do those work for you for free. But, if your price is EXW terms, tent supplier can book for you, but you need to arrange freight forwarder or sourcing agent to handle other work for you. All of those services can be written in your business contrast with your Chinese tent supplier. Due to you have pay for those goods, please ask your tent manufacturer to give you the customs clearance documents after the boat sets out, they are packing list, performance invoice (or commercial invoice), and bill of lading.

Step 5: Receive goods from tent manufacturers and feedback

Now, you bring bill of lading and shipping documents to your customs (port) or forwarder’s warehouse to pick up the tents and truck to your company or warehouse. And then check the quality of the tent products purchased from China.

Note: At customs clearance step, you need to pay customs duties and VAT to your local government, the percentage depends on your government and products.

At this stage, all the introduce about how to find reliable tent manufacturers in China and how to import tents products from Chinese tent suppliers have done. For the sake of long-standing relationship, we hope customers can give some feedback after receiving the goods from tent manufacturers. It is very important to help suppliers improve their services as well as the quality of the products.