How to Import from China and Sell on Amazon FBA | Complete Guide

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Products made in China can help you make big money due to the low price, but products sold on Amazon should be good quality due to you must reach Amazon’s Seller Performance Targets. We all know that cheap products made in China are always bad quality. However, there are still a lot of Amazon sellers are buying wholesale and importing products from China manufacturing companies. Place order to China suppliers and ship to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse, this is the supply chain to Amazon FBA sellers. It is simple and easy to experience importers, they know how to find the quality manufacturing companies in China and who can supply products with high quality but cheap price. But, how about new Amazon FBA sellers? In this article, we will share some real experience of purchasing products from China and selling on Amazon FBA.

How to Start Selling Products on Amazon FBA

Step 1: Decide What Products to Sell on Amazon

Each product sold on Amazon should not be the same, that’s means your products should be different from other sellers. But most of the products are similar and the functions are the same. According to our experience, lots of China manufacturing companies produce the same or similar products. They buy samples from other suppliers or overseas sellers, and then develop the tooling to produce it, design a new logo or remove the logo. After finishing these steps, the product can be their products. So, the same product, you always can find a lot of suppliers. 

At this stage, you should look at what other sellers are selling and what you are interested in and don’t need to worry about the products are no different with other sellers, because you can change the products to be your private label products.

Make a list of categories o products you are planning to sell on Amazon FBA and do some market survey. We know that all the products can make big money. But you should find the right products and categories which can give you a quick money back. So, we will not talking about what are the best products selling on Amazon in this post, but we will write something about  how to find products to sell on Amazon in the next post.

Step 2: Design Private Label Products

As mentioned above, you need to change something if you want to make your products unique. Design a new logo, packing or carton, or change the shape are the good ideas to make supplier’s products become your private label products. Those solutions are low-cost and most of Chinese suppliers are glad to help customers do it. For most of small business owner and new Amazon sellers, design a new logo and print it on the box or products are one of the cheapest ways to make private label products.

Find 3: Find FBA Freight Forwarders

Products imported and exported, there should be importer, freight forwarder, and importer. If you are planning to import from China and don’t have FBA freight forwarder, China suppliers can introduce freight forwarder to you. So you don’t need to worry about exporter and freight forwarder when importing from China. But, if you are neither from America nor a company has the right to import and export from other countries, you should find a local third-party agent as the consignee. There are lots of Amazon FBA freight forwarders in these Chinese Cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, and Shanghai. If you are interested in looking for some FBA freight forwarders in China, we are glad to introduce some to you.

Step 4: Find Reliable Manufacturing Companies

If you want to make more money, you should find products at lower price and with good quality, especially products will be selling online. Customers have lots of choose when shipping online, they can buy on any of e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Aliexpress, etc. Order defect rate: < 1%, pre-fulfilment cancel rate: < 2.5%, and late shipment rate: < 4% are the three important seller performance targets to guarantee you can’t be removal of your selling privileges. So, you need to find the supplier who can supply you good quality products. has written a guide to help people to find and verify real manufacturing companies in China, you can follow this link: Verify a real manufacturer and find a manufacturer in China. Beside those experience, we continue to sharing experiences about looking for quality manufacturing companies in China.

Step 5: Ask Suppliers for Samples

After contacting some potential suppliers, you get some reasonable prices. But, price is nothing if you don’t check the sample. Negotiate with 2~3 potential suppliers for better price, and then ask the right supplier for one or two samples. Test those samples, check the quality, inspect the appearance and box if they can match your requirements. You also can use those sample to take photo or make documents for product introduction on Amazon online store. Of course, you should ask supplier for remaking the sample or change the supplier if the sample is not you need.

Step 6: Manufacture Products and Quality Control

When having found the right supplier and you are all satisfied with the quality and the price of the product, it is the time to place an order. Pay down payment to the manufacturing company and arrange your production. As a sourcing agent in China, suggests customer to take some quality control actions before being shipped to the designated Amazon FBA warehouse. Check products in person will take lot of money if the order is low volume or small quality. 

Fortunate, we have another solutions, it is to hire a third-party product inspection service company. Inspect products before shipment through a product inspection service provider not only can save money but also is one of the useful quality control methods. If you neither want to hire a third-party products inspection service company nor inspect by yourself, you can ask your supplier for providing product inspection reports or taking some photos and video before paying final payment.

Step 7: Ship to Amazon FBA Warehouse

For small size products such as USB Flash Driver and 4G LTE Router, shipping them via international express or air freight is save the money and reasonable. Boat shipment is the most common and cheapest way to deliver heavy or large size products, such as some auto parts, tumbler, and toys, etc. But, no matter how to deliver the product, check the carton to match Amazon FBA packing requirements is the most important before loading. As far as we know, lots of FBA freight forwarders provide An Amazon prep services (i.e the inspection of the product, labels and making sure the product compliant with Amazon rules).

Step 8: Start Selling Products on Amazon FBA and Make Money

You can start selling products on Amazon FBA when the shipment arrive designated Amazon FBA warehouses. As mentioned above, quality is the most important when selling products on Amazon, ensures the good relationship with suppliers are good for growing your business.