How to Verify a Real Manufacturing Company in China

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If you want to import products from China manufacturing companies. Please don’t believe the people who tells you he is working at a real manufacturing company and their products can be exported to you directly before taking any survey. Most of agents in China told their customers they were real manufacturing companies and factories, because they want to let you believe that they can offer the lowest price for the products made in China. However, only 30% of Chinese manufacturer buy Alibaba services. It is meaning that, most of companies who claim they are real manufacturing companies are not real manufacturers.

Even so, you still can verify a real manufacturer if you are willing to learn some supplier development knowledge. In this article, I presume you already have some Chinese suppliers who claim they are real manufacturers on hand, you can follow it step by step.

How to verify a real manufacturer in China?

Step 1: Get your suppliers’ business license

1, Ask the supplier who claimed they are real manufacturer for a copy of business license issued by the department of industry and commerce administration of China.

2, Find the business scope (经营范围) section and check the Chinese words on the document. Confirm if you can find somewhere printing one of those words “加工”, “生产”, “制造”, and “组装”. If you can find one of it, congratulations with you, it is a manufacturer. If you cannot find it, they should not be a real manufacturer. You also can go to the step two for double confirm.


You don’t need to learn Chinese but you need to learn the shape of those Chinese. I think it is easy to anybody. In China, a trading company can not put those words which are meaning this organization is a manufacturing company on business license. These manufacturing meaning words only can be printed on the business license owned by manufacturing company.

China manufacturers information

Step 2: Supplier information card

The second step is to get more information about these potential manufacturers. Please try to get these information, including the number of employee, registration number, production line video, and photo of factory gate, etc. We suggest you to send a supplier information card to them. If someone don’t want to fill in it, they should be a trading company or bad service company. If you don’t have a supplier information card, you can download one here.

  • The address belonged to a business building and cannot provide a picture on factory gate with company name, it should be a trading company.
  • If they are a trading company, they not tell you their upper supplier.
  • In most case, trading company don’t have a R&D team.
  • A trading company cannot provide a clear list of devices.

Supplier information Card

Supplier information card

Step 3: Check the products listed on their website

A real manufacturer always specializes in professional fields. Most of Chinese manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises and are rarely practical to produce all kind of products. However, a trading company is different, they produce nothing but want to sell everything. So, China trading companies always put all of the pictures of products they can found and ever source on their website.

  • A company sells too many different types products is not a real manufacturing company.
  • It is unreliable that certified information shows the company is a manufacturer.
  • Most of Chinese trading companies don’t have ISO system. If a supplier claims they are manufacturer and tells you they have obtained Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification, such as ISO 9001:2008, they should be a actual manufacturer.

Step 4: Check the number of employee

Most of Chinese trading company are small team with employee less than 30, however, a reliable manufacturers should be more than 60 people. If your supplier told you they are real manufacturer or factory, please ask them for these information as mentioned above.

There a lot of methods to verify a real manufacturer is not an agency, but the information as mentioned above is enough to verify a real manufacturing company in China.

If you can not confirm a Chinese suppliers when selecting a Chinese supplier, please contact us ( We don’t need the copy of your suppliers’ business license, a name or link is enough. We will verify the basic information for you for free because we are the the best sourcing agent in China.