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Aluminum die casting parts or products, aluminium die castings, aluminum die casting alloys, or die casting aluminum is a common product made in China. They can made into many products, such as precision electronic connectors, auto parts, and generator housing. So many products beside you are made of aluminum die castings process if you looked closely.

In order to import die casting products from China or find die casting manufacturing supplier in China, most of overseas companies search Chinese manufacturing company on “Alibaba” and “made in China”. After days and nights of incredible working, some of them still can’t find the right supplier for the castings.

In this post, we will give you a complete guide to import die casting parts from China and share some experiences relating to how to find reliable die castings manufacturers in China as well.

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Source die casting suppliers according to your requirements.

As a country with large-scale of die casings manufacturing, it will not be difficult to find a factory or supplier in China. Anything can made in China and delivery to any countries and regions of the world. But, you should know what kind of manufacturer do you need before contacting any potential sources you discover on the internet, trade shows, and B2B sites.

Give Your Supplier the real Volume and Forecast.

A forecast for annual purchase quantity and each order is helpful to get a reasonable price for both tooling and parts.

For example, you are planning to import a die casting product at 2,000 PCS per purchase order but you tell the suppliers that you will place an order at 20,000 PCS each time. The supplier must give you a good price. However, they will reject to produce products for you when you place a low volume order, such as 2000PCS. If you’re lucky, some of the supplier will produce for you at the first time, but some of die casting suppliers only be interested in large order. They will reject to manufacture die castings for you until adding the volume or price.

Select Supplier According to the Complicated of Die Casting Products

It is easy to find a supplier if your product is simple and easy to produce. But, you need to take care  and pay attention to the capacity of suppliers if your product is not common. For example, it is a castings with insert parts made from other metal, or special process for insert material. Please don’t believe and make a selection according to the supplier said we can do it.

Tell You Supplier all Information at One Time.

Please tell your potential suppliers the details before you receive the quotation if you have other requirements, such as surface treatment, logo and assembly requirement. This is a very importance step which can save a lots of time on updating price.

What kind of die casting manufacturer is a good supplier in China?

As mention before good supplier should be reliable and honest. As a manufacturing sourcing agent in China, would like to contribute our previous experience to the people who is planning to import die casting products from reliable manufacturers in China. A good supplier for overseas companies should Contain these conditions:

  • We suggest you to find a die casting manufacturing company under 200 people if your purchasing value is less than two millions US dollar per year.
  • The value of your products imported from China should be less than 20% of supplier’s annual sales volume, according to our experience, 10% ~15% is the best ratio. For example, we suggest you to find a manufacturer or factory sells 13 ~20 million(USD) in total if your forecast is 2 million (USD).
  • No accident in the last few years.
  • The manufacturing workshop established more than 2 years.
  • Has quality control system and can offer 100% dimensions measurement and appearance report for each batch.
  • Has common quality testing equipment, such as three-dimensional measuring machine and X-ray detection instrument (This dive is very important for a real die casting manufacturing company).
  • The number of die casting manufacturing machines is enough.
  • Technical and QC teams have English communication skills.
  • Can offer the quotation with details for each parts, such as material cost, manufacturing cost, labour cost, management cost, profit and tax.
  • Can give feedback for any problem within 1~2 working day.
  • Propensity for problem-solving when that happens.
  • Can help customers to discover low-cost shipping solutions.
  • Has import & export authority which can help customers solve customs issue.

How To find die castings manufacturing in China?

Parts made in China is low price and there are a variety of ways to discover Chinese die casting suppliers. Most of supplier development engineers find China manufacturers on internet and trade show, and some people know the source via cooperative partner, customers, friends, sourcing services company and purchasing agency. 

At the early stages of supplier development, it is impossibility to visit potential supplier one by one. In oder to save time and money, it is better to find supplier with staying at office.

B2B website like Alibaba and made in China

This is the first choice for most of supplier development engineers, no matter you are working at large businesses or small company. The advantage of it is you can find lots of supplier for free, and the disadvantage is that you must take a lot of time to identify that is it a manufacturing company and the right supplier you want due to all the suppliers on alibaba or made in China claimed that they are manufacturers but really they are trading companies.

Sources from trade show

You may attend some trade show every years and should have found that Chinese companies are everywhere. If you get supplier information on the previous exhibition, it is time to contact them now. Note that those company always a high cost suppliers, if you want to find a low-cost supplier for your products imported from China, this is not an option.

Find Supplier Though Google Search engine

Global search engine like google is the best choice. Using some keywords like China die casting parts, Die casting Outsourcing to China, and die casting China factory, and so on. Those are the commonly used word group in English by Chinese. Another interesting things is that you may can find a good supplier via google images. Using the images search and click the pictures of die casting products you are interested in, and then you open the link, you will can reach the owner’s website.

Using the Chinese like “铝压铸件” or “压铸供应商”, search it via google or google images, you can discover some Chinese die casting manufacturing supplier. Through the links on google can visit the website,and found the contact of it. Write a email in English and contact them, please don’t click the link to Alibaba or made in China which will bring you back to waste time and money status. With this method, you can not received 100% feedback from China due to some of Chinese don’t read a word of English.

China manufacturing sourcing agent

You should focus on other jobs like marketing and new products development and hire a manufacturing purchasing solutions company likes Discover Sourcing Limited to help you develop new supplier for you in China.

What is the tooling cost and unit price for die casting parts?

If you want to purchase customized die casting parts, you need to pay the cost for moulding(tooling ) likes find a plastic parts manufacturer. If you want to get a lower tooling cost and unit price, you can purchase the tooling from tooling factory and produce products at die casting factory which is a low-cost solution for most purchasing company and trade company. But, both tooling and product price are depend on where is the supplier and who is your supplier.

Tooling cost

In China, most of the low-cost die casting manufacturing are small-scale companies. They can’t produce tooling at their workshop and outsource tooling, Some of them saw the price gap as one sources of enterprise’s profit but is not reasonable which you can ask them to remove the profit part of tooling from quotation. In order to attract clients, some of the suppliers claim that they refund the tooling cost to you after it can reach a particular quantity, such as 100,000PCS.

  1. You find a die casting tooling manufacturing company and sourcing yourself which can save about 30% of the tooling cost.
  2. Your die casting supplier can’t make the die casting mould and outsource for you.
  3. You die casting vendor can make the tooling themselves which is the first choice but the price for tooling is always very high. 

Unit price

If you want to get a lower unit price (10%~20%), you can purchase tooling yourself and produce products in a small scale die casting factory. If you didn’t want to do it yourself, you can hire a sourcing partner to operate for you. And you still can get a competitive cost after paying the sourcing service fees .

In our experience, a small-scale manufacturing company always can offer a lower price. If it is possible, we suggest you to find the supplier with those companies, but, please don’t forget the above-mentioned “What kind of die casting manufacturer is a good supplier in China?”

  1. Get the lowest unit price via you provide the mould and die casting companies manufacture die castings for you.
  2. Moss of small-scale factory can off a lower price.
  3. Quality is the most important for die castings imported from China, we don’t suggest you to purchase a bad quality product from a low-cost factory.

How to work with die casting manufacturers in China?

After selecting a China factory as your die casting products export supplier you need to learn to work smooth with them. Sales team, engineering or technical team, and quality control team are the windows to work with suppliers in China.

  • Contact sales team for price, payment and something about it.
  • Ask for your technical team can communicate with vendor’s technical team for any technical issues directly.
  • Contact vendor’s quality engineer for any quality issue.
  • Please don’t contact the owner for small issue.
  • Send a duplicate to vendor’s sales for anything.
  • Contact owner for critical thing.
  • Ask for some pictures or videos after finishing manufacturing and before shipment.
  • Both business contract and QC report are  necessary.

Quality issue, quality control and China supplier.

Typical quality issue for die casting parts include porosity issues, dimensional issues, appearance problem, flash issue, leaking, etc. here is the solution for those die castings quality issues.

Die casting Quality Issue

Machining and other added-value services.

Most of die castings need machining process, and most of die casting products suppliers can do it in their workshop. Some of the small family workshops can not provide this add-value services but they said they can do it for you. never work with those kind of die casting suppliers due to the decontrol of machining process and it is high risk to import products from them.

Pre-shipment and Packaging.

Everything is ready and the next step is to booking and load the products. But, we suggest you to inspect those die casting parts before shipping to you. No one likes to received a surprise with bad quality after waiting two or three months. And please don’t forget to tell your supplier the package need. Individual package or in bulk, but pallet is a must for all the heavy goods shipped by sea.

How to find a low-cost forwarder for die castings “made in China”?

Ship cost should not be the reason for you to cancel the plan to import from China. UPS and MSK are the famous shipping companies but they are expensive. You can hire them to work for you if they can give your company an agreement price. But, as far as we know, it is difficult to get a good discount for boat shipment for most of the companies. So, consider other sources, please.

Alibaba One Touch Services.

Alibaba one touch services is to help overseas companies import products from China at low-cost and give you some  assurance. It is a free services for buyer now. But only Chinese supplier who purchase their services can offer this service to their overseas customers.

China shipping company 

Domestic supply chain company always can provide a lower shipping cost. For example, we work with a Shanghai shipping company, they provide a 30% lower shipping cost than those famous shipping company. But those low-cost shipping companies is not good at English due to most of their customers are Chinese companies. So, it is not easy to find a good low-cost forwarder if you are not good at Chinese but a partner in China can help you make it easy.

Summary of importing die castings from China

  • Describe the requirements of your die casting product before searching  potential  supplier online.
  • Find and source from quality die casting companies only.
  • Small-scale factories can provide a lower price.
  • A manufacturing procurement services company can help you import from China at the lowest cost.
  • Pre-shipment inspection is necessary if you can not get a good payment term with China supplier.
  • Shipping cost can be cut down via shipping by Chinese supply chain company.

import from China

Import from China