Import Auto Parts from China Manufacturers to United States

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Here is a form shows the data of China exported auto parts to other countries from 2006 to 2015. You can see that it is only CNY 21.5 billion in 2006, however, it is 61.9 billion in 2015. And U.S. importers imported CNY 5.37 billion value of auto parts from China in 2010 and 11.5 billion in 2014. Why American companies imported so much auto parts from China? Nearly every one seem to know the answer to this question. China manufacturers or suppliers can offer cheaper auto parts or car accessories is one of the main answers. In this article, we will introduce how to import auto parts from China to United States.

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
21.5 29.4 35.1 28.6 40.5 52.1 55.3 59.8 64.6 61.9

Bad quality products made in China can be found everywhere, such as, on newspaper and internet. Yes, some of small workshops still manufacturing poor quality products and sell to customers. But, if you develop a Chinese supplier according to supplier development program, you can close the doors to those kinds of auto parts factories from China.

How to discover reliable auto parts manufacturers in China?

If one Chinese supplier tells you that his company is a manufacturing company and can sell you auto parts at low price and good quality, please don’t believe it at once. It is an open secret that most of Chinese trading companies or middlemen claim their companies are manufacturing. So, after getting the information of a supplier, you can verify it according to the following steps.

  1. Ask Business License in Chinese for checking Chinese words like “生产”, “加工”, “制造”, “组装” in their business scope. More details about it is a Manufacturing, please read this post “Is it a factory?“.
  2. Take some photo of production line and factory gate which is the most effective ways to confirm that it is a factory and not an agent. In China, if a factory didn’t have a gate, it should be a individual household which produces products without any quality control. We don’t suggest overseas company to import products from a mini workshop in China, it is a big risk for new importers. 
  3. A survey such as Supplier Qualification Assessment is also a good idea, but most of China auto parts manufacturing corporation don’t want to do such a long survey before seeing any cooperation intention.
  4. The above three points are audit potential supplier online, but it is not the most reliable method. Visit or hire third-party supplier audit company is the best way to verify a real manufacturing company.

Auto Parts shipped from China to USA.

Auto parts like water pumps, manifolds, carburetors, and intakes are always shipped via boat shipment. But other auto parts like sensors or small quantity for small business are shipped via international express.

I assume that you are company from Grandview, Missouri, USA, and your supplier is located at Hangzhou, Zhejiang provincial, China. We quoted some shipping cost for you.

Import auto parts from China manufacturers

A, Ship by Sea

Boat shipment fees for a 20’GB container door to door (US Tariffs and import VAT are not included). Here is the shipping cost from China to USA (Quotation from Shipping company Damco(MSK) directly). 

Sea Freight from China to USA


From shanghai to KANSAS: 20′ USD 3070 per container


  • Truck fee (from Hangzhou to Shanghai): CNY 2800 per container
  • AMS fee: CNY 200
  • Booking fee: CNY 400 per container
  • Customs Clearance: CNY 150
  • Damco HBL fee: CNY 100
  • Documentation: CNY 450
  • Handling fee: CNY 100
  • OTHC: CNY 900 per container
  • Port Security Charge: CNY 20 per container
  • Equipment Management Fee: CNY 80 per container


  • Customs Clearance: USD 150
  • Import Security Filing: USD 50
  • Destination Handling Fee: USD 95
  • Los Angeles Clean Truck Fee: USD 50
  • Los Angeles PierPass Fee: USD 85 per container
  • Truck fee (from KANSAS to GRANDVIEW): USD 620 per container


  1. Valid to 30th Jun;
  2. Subject to un-quoted service or any un-expected charges;
  3. Subject to Damco Standard Trading conditions

It takes USD4,907 to import goods in a 20’GB container (Ship to USA, the weight should be less than 17 tons) from Hangzhou, China to Grandview, Missouri, USA.

  • This is a quotation on July, 2016, the shipping quotations always go with the change of market.
  • You can find lots of shipping company in Shanghai China who provide lower shipping cost, the range starts from 2500USD.

B, Ship by International Express

Ship via express is available for the package these than 100kg. Here is the freight from Shanghai China to USA(common products only). And it will take 3~9 days. I think this is one of the most economic shipping solutions to import low volume from China.

Air Freight from China to USA

  • 0.5kg: CNY72 ≈ USD11
  • 1.0kg: CNY99 ≈ USD15
  • 1.5kg: CNY147 ≈ USD23
  • 2.0kg: CNY155 ≈ USD23.5
  • 2.5kg: CNY176 ≈ USD26.3
  • 5.0kg: CNY263 ≈ USD39.9
  • 10kg: CNY478 ≈ USD72.5
  • 20kg: CNY929 ≈ USD141
  • 30kg: CNY1116 ≈ USD169.1
  • 40kg: CNY1405 ≈ USD222.6
  • 50kg: CNY1698 ≈ USD257.3
  • 100kg: CNY2951 ≈ USD469

If the result of the L(cm)*D(cm)*H() /5000 is greater than the weight of package, shipping company will charge the fee to the greater one.

Fox example, the package is 1 kg, and the size is 20cm*20cm*20cm; 20*20*20/5000=1.6, So, the shipping cost is charged to 1.6kg (2kg level).

You also can ship via heavy air(Freight air) if the weight of the goods is mare than 100 kg. And it takes about 10 days from Shanghai to USA in total. But you need to arrange customs clearance. Of course, the freight forwarder can do it for you.