Import Children’s Toys from Toys Manufacturers in China at Low Price

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Import Children’s toys from real toys manufacturers in China is very easy for most of large-scale companies. Those companies have enough money to hire toys sourcing engineers or purchasing agents to help them source Children’s toys from real toys manufacturers in China. Some of them have or are planning to set up trading companies in China which can help them manage their toys business in China or support them to import from China. But, how about medium small business enterprise? Their budget are limited and have few experiences on importing Children’s toys from Chinese toys manufacturers. And they don’t have chance to visit Chinese toys manufacturers or suppliers in person. So, internet is one of the most economical methods to develop Children’s toys suppliers in China.

However, children’s toys or products is not the same with other common products. Toys importers need to consider other extra things, such as safety standards, testing and certification, and labelling requirement, etc. In this article, you can get some knowledge about children’s products certificate and how to import children’s toys from Chinese toys suppliers or manufacturers. This is a complete guide to help overseas importers source and import Children’s toys or products from Chinese toys manufacturers.

Children’s Products Certificate

Toys is one kinds of Children’s products. If you are a toys importer from USA, you should know this rule:

All toys intended for use by children 12 years of age and under must be third-party tested and be certified in a Children’s Product Certificate as compliant to the federal toy safety standard enacted by Congress, and to other applicable requirements as well.

Import toys from China to USA

The market survey report shows that USA is the largest children’s toys consumption market. US consumers spend $340 on average per person every year. And 30% of Children’s toys in worldwide are sold in US market. However, 80% of those toys are “made in China”. ASTM F963 is the compulsory certification if you import Children’s toys from China. And if the toys is electronic products, FCC is the necessary, too. Please tell your Children’s toys manufacturers to arrange these documents or reports when placing a toys order.

Import toys from China to Europe

Toys made in China can be sold worldwide and in Europe. Children’s toys imported from China to those European countries should pass CE-N71 compulsory certification. They are France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden and Finland Hungary, the Czech republic Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Malta Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.

It is very obvious that children’s toys is a high profit and high market potential product which can make big money if you can discover some good suppliers. Here is a list about certification and testing requirements of Children’s toys. Of course, customers can ask their Chinese toys manufacturers offer other certification report or document if they need.

Nation Certification Note
The United States of America ASTM F 963, CPSIA Add FCC if it is electronic toys.
Most of European countries CE-N71, Rohs, 6P, REACH EN62115 if it is electronic toys.
Australia AS/NZS  ISO 8124   
Canada CHPA  
Japan ST 2002  
International ISO 8124, IEC62115  

Import Children’s toys from China toys manufacturers is a bit complicated, you not only need to consider toys safety regulations but also labelling requirements, such as country of origin, certification and warning labels.

How to Develop Children’s Toys Manufacturers in China

Import Children’s toys from toys manufacturers in China, you need to develop toys suppliers. As we have mentioned many times, with the e-business developing, it is easy to find some sources through internet, such as search engine, B2B platform, and social networking sites. However, you will find that most of the suppliers you discover on internet are not the right suppliers. And a few of them are not reliable which offer high price, bad quality, and fail to deliver the goods on time. is a sourcing solutions company in China, we offer sourcing services to help overseas companies develop Chinese suppliers, source products, inspect products, and audit manufacturers.

If you want to develop some reliable Chinese toys manufacturers or suppliers, you need to follow the standard processes of supplier development: Manufacturers searching (mass) → Selection → Investigation → Supplier self-assessment → NDA → RFQ → Negotiation → Selection → Capacity Audit → SQE Audit → Tooling (Deposit payment for tooling) → Sample → Sample Approved → Trial Order → Approved (Final payment for tooling) → Mass production. Of course, you can change the processes to match you business. As far as we know, NDA, SQE audit, and trial order processes are not the requirement for most of small business.

If you want to learn the details of supplier development, please follow this page, it is available to develop children’s toys manufacturers in China, too. “How to Develop Suppliers in China?

Children’s toys industry in China

All over the world, 70% of Children’s toys are “made in China” and 80% of toys on U.S. and European markets are imported from China. If you are planning to import Children’s toys from Chinese toys manufacturers or factories, you should learn something about Children’s toys industry in China.

Children's toys manufacturers in China Chenghai

In China, there are approximately 20,000 Children’s toys manufacturers, however, 95% of toys manufacturers are located in Guangdong province, Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province, Shanghai, Shandong province, and Fujian province. Most of the products made in those factories are exported to America, European Union, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong Province: City of Toys

Everyone who imports Children’s toys from China knows that 52% of Children’s toys made in China are “made in Chenghai”. Chenghai has a specialized production base and a sound supply chain which makes the price 10%~15% lower than Children’s toys made in other China cities. Visit toys manufacturers or factories in Chenghai one by one in person is impractical for some new Children’s toys importers or small business owners. Open google, key in “toys + Chenghai manufacturers” or “Children’s toys +  Shantou manufacturers” and then you can find hundreds of Chinese Children’s toys manufacturers. Of course, you also can use the famous b2b platform alibaba to find Children’s toys manufacturers in China.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province: The Worldwide Plush Toys Town

Yangzhou is a city in Jiangsu province, which is a beautiful city with a long history of over 2500 years. There are over 3,000 plush toys manufacturers in Yangzhou, and export 60% of plush toys to all over the world. If you want to find plush toys manufacturers or factories through alibaba or other China B2B platform, please don’t forget Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. As as a sourcing agent in China, we tell you that it is easy to import plush toys from Chinese manufacturers in China due to they have rich experiences on products exporting. The y can handle everything for customers.

Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province: You can Find Any Toys in Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu is a city belongs to Jinhua, Zhejiang province. There is a famous wholesale market, Yiwu wholesale market (Yiwu International Trade City). There are approximately 100,000 stores (sample show only) on the market. Most of small size products made in China can be found here. Off course, Children’s toys at low prices can be discovered in this market, too. But, as far as we know, 60% of the stores are not real manufacturers or are small family workshops. Most of products made in Yiwu are poor quality, but, the prices are very low.

Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province: China’s Capital of Learning and Playground Toys for Kids

Yongjia is a small city belongs to Wenzhou, zhejiang province. This is a city famous as manufacturing learning and playground toys. Over 500 toys manufacturers are located in this small town. If you are interested in importing learning and playground toys from toys manufacturers in China, please try to find some toys manufacturers in Yongjia, Weizhou, Zhejiang province.

Shenzhen, Guandong Province: City of High Quality Toys

Shenzhen is a city famous as electronic products. Most of Children’s toys made in Shenzhen toys manufacturers are high quality products like made in Shanghai (manufacturers in Shanghai are also famous as producing high quality products). You can find some high quality Children’s toys manufacturers in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

City Quality Level Remark
Chenghai, Shantou, Guandong province low, middle, and high Most of toys made in China are made in Shantou (Chenghai).
Yangzhou, Jiangsu province low, middle, and high Plush toys.
Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang province low, middle You can find any small toys in this city, but it is hard to find one which can provide good quality.
Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province low, middle Learning and playground toys.
Shenzhen, Shanghai middle, high High quality electronic toys.

Price and MOQ for Children’s Toys Made in China

Most of Children’s toys importers are planning to import Children’s toys from real toys manufacturers in China. They look forward to import high quality Children’s toys at low price and small MOQ. However, most of Children’s toys manufacturers hope their customers can place a big order, but customers don’t want to place a large order.

If you want to learn something about why Chinese manufacturers have MOQ requirement. Please follow this article. “Why Chinese manufacturers require MOQ?

If you are an experiences toys importers, you should know that price depends quantity and quality level. It is available for Children’s toys outsourcing to China, too. The type of toys made in China includes customized and off the shelf.

Customized toys (OEM or ODM)

Customers offer samples, drawings, or other spec to toys manufacturing companies, and then the manufacturers produce the toys according to the requirements. For this type of product sourcing, customers need to sign a NDA agreement with suppliers and pay some tooling (mould) fees to some custom-made components, such as tooling cost for plastic parts and stamping parts used on custom-made toys. Of course, all of those tooling and products (Brand or design) are belong to you, your suppliers can not sell your products or use your tooling or components for other customers if they didn’t get your authorization.

The price for those toys are control by you, and you can ask your toys manufacturing suppliers provide the cost analysis sheet. Minimum Order Quantity is also can be negotiated with suppliers. Quote with more suppliers as more as possible and select one who can offer fair and reasonable price and MOQ requirement as your toys supplier in China.

Off the shelf toys

Off the shelf means the Children’s toys are designed and made by toys suppliers. They can be sell to any customers who are interested in. NDA is not the requirement to import off the shelf toys from this kinds of Children’s toys manufacturers in China. The price depends on the quantity you are planning to purchase. The more quantity, the lower unit price. You can ask your Children’s toys supplier give you some prices with different MOQ level, such as MOQ 100, unit price is $1.2/Set, however, MOQ 500, unit price is $1/set.

The Quality of Children’s Toys purchased from China manufacturers

Toys made in China are not bad quality if you purchase from the right manufacturers. Everyone knows that small workshops can offer low price but the quality is terrible due to those Children’s toys manufacturers or factories didn’t have quality management system. All of the quality control are according to their experience or owner’s willing. As a sourcing agent in China, we help some toys importers develop suppliers and source products from China toys market every year. But, we don’t suggest overseas customers to purchase children’s toys or children’s products from those toys manufacturers even they offer a low price.

We can see the news every year, lots of toys imported from China are rejected by customs due to the bad quality or cannot match the requirement of importing country. So, it is important to find a reliable manufacturers if you want to import quality toys from Chinese toys suppliers. A reliable manufacturers should have these common points.

  • Company have been founded and run for more than five years.
  • The number of employee should be over 150.
  • Have quality control system, such as ISO 9001.
  • Can provide test report for all of the products made in their factory.
  • Annual turnover should be more than 5 million U.S. dollar.
  • Registered capital should be over CNY 1,000,000.
  • Have some professional engineers with bachelor degree and is not produce products according to someone’s experiences.
  • No willful infringement history.
  • Have rich experiences on exporting.

Now you have learned how to find Children’s toys manufacturers in China and how verify Chinese toys manufacturers. Continue reading, we will guide you how to import Children’s toys from toys supplier in China.

The list of toys

Item Toys
Action figures
B-Daman,Digital pet, Evel Knievel Action Figure, G.I. Joe, Gumby, He-Man, Jumping Jack, Kenner Star Wars action figures, Lara, Monster in My Pocket, Playmobil, Power Rangers, Smurfs, Street Sharks, Stretch Armstrong, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy soldier, Transformers, Weebles
Animals Andover Bear Compay, Breyer Animal Creations, Ithaca Kitty, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, National Geographic Animal, Jam, Puppy in My Pocket, Pound Puppies, Schleich
Cars and radio controlled Corgi toy cars, Dinky toy cars, Corgi toy cars, Dinky toy cars, Corgi toy cars, Dinky toy cars
Construction toys Lego, Lincoln Logs, Märklin, Meccano, Mega Bloks, Rasti, Rokenbok, Stickle bricks, STIKFAS, Tinkertoy, Tog’l, Zaks, Zome
Creative toys Cleversticks, Colorforms, Crayola Crayons, Creepy Crawlers, Lego, Lite-Brite, Magnetic Poetry, Play-Doh, Rainbow Loom, Shrinky Dinks, Silly Putty, Spirograph, Stickers
African dolls, Amish doll, Anatomically correct doll, Apple doll, Art doll, Ball-jointed doll, Bisque doll, Black doll, Celebrity doll, China doll, Composition doll, Fashion doll, Frozen Charlotte, Inuit doll, Japanese traditional dolls, Lupita dolls, Matryoshka doll, Paper doll, Parian doll, Peg wooden doll, Rag doll, Reborn doll, Shopkins, Tanjore doll, Topsy-Turvy doll
Educational toys Ant Farm, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Little Golden Books, qfix robot kits, See ‘n Say, Speak & Spell
Electronic toys Digital pet, Entertainment robot, Robot dog, Robot kit, USB toy
Executive toys Newton’s cradle, Pin Art
Food-related toys Easy-Bake Oven, Pez dispenser, Snow cone machine, Tea set
Atari 2600, Barrel O’ Monkeys, Battleship, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, Concentration (aka Memory), Connect Four, Dominoes, Dungeons & Dragons, Game Boy, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Life, Mad Libs, Mattel Auto Race, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Nintendo Entertainment System, Operation, Pong, Pretty Pretty Princess, Risk, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Scrabble, Simon, Sorry!, Trivial Pursuit, Twister, Uno, Xbox
Model building Model aircraft, Model car, Model railway, Carpet railway, Lionel Trains
Physical activity and dexterity
BB guns, Big Wheel, Bilibo, Bop It, Bungee balls, Contact juggling (acrylic ball), Devil Sticks (juggling sticks), Footbag (dirt bag / hacky sack), Gee-haw whammy diddle, Get in Shape Girl, Jacks, Juggling clubs, Jump rope, Laser tag, Leapfrog, Marbles, Moon shoes, Nerf, Pogo stick, Radio Flyer, Roller Skates, Skip It, Slinky, Slip ‘n Slide, Soap-box cart, Space Pets, Toy weapon, Water gun, Wiffle bat and ball
Puzzle/assembly Jigsaw Puzzle, Mr. Potato Head, Puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, Tangrams
Science and optical Chemistry set, Etch A Sketch, Jacob’s ladder (toy), Kaleidoscope, Magic 8-Ball, Magna Doodle, Sea Monkeys, Spinning top, View-Master, Wooly Willy, Zoetrope
Sound toys Noise makers, Synthesizer, Toy piano, Toy rattle, Whistle
Spinning toys  Chinese yo-yo (Diabolo), Frisbee (1950s), Gyroscope, Hula hoop (1950s), Magnet Space Wheel (Whee-Lo), Pinwheel, Top, Yo-yo (1930s onwards)
Wooden toys
 Akabeko, Ball-in-a-maze puzzle, Bauernroulette, Bird of Happiness, Burr puzzle, Channapatna toys, Chatter Telephone, Chinese yo-yo, Cup-and-ball, Dalecarlian horse, Dreidel, Etikoppaka toys, Froebel gifts, Gee-haw whammy diddle, Hobby horse, Hoop rolling, Jacob’s ladder, Jig doll, Jigsaw puzzle, Jumping jack, Kapla, Kendama, KEVA Planks, Klotski, Kondapalli Toys, Lincoln Logs, Matador, Matryoshka doll, Mechanical puzzle, Nirmal toys and craft, Peg wooden doll, Pinewood derby, Pyramid puzzle, Rattleback, Reifendrehen, Rocking horse, Roly-poly toy, Snapper Puzzle, Soma cube, Tinkertoy, Top, Toy block, Trompo, Unit block, Whittle Shortline, Wood car racing, Wooden toy train

Complete Guide to Import Children’s Toys From Chinese Suppliers

Import Children’s toys from Chinese toys suppliers or manufacturers is easy if it is according to the standard terms of international trade, such as FOB, CIF, and DDU terms. In fact, most of the importers import products from China according to standard terms and don’t need to worry about the it. But, you still need to know the flow of importing from China if you want to import Children’s toys from toys manufacturers in China.

China Children's toys manufacturers

I will assume you have found some reliable Children’s toys manufacturers in China and you are planning to place an order to one of those toys suppliers or factories. 

  1. No matter what is your order size, please make contracts with suppliers. If you don’t have the template, you can ask for help, we will provide some templates both in English and Chinese to you for free.
  2. Place a purchase order includes quantity, unit price, estimated delivery time, and some important terms to your Children’s toys manufacturer in China. If you don’t have one, we also can help you for free.
  3. Ask your toys manufacturer or supplier release an invoice to you after the Children’s toys manufacturers receives your toys purchase order.
  4. Release down payment to your toys supplier and ask for the estimate delivery date.
  5. Confirm with your Children’s toys manufacturer for manufacturing status before deadline.
  6. Inspect products after completing the production.
  7. Ask for product inspection report and testing report.
  8. Ask for final payment invoice and release the final payment if the toys are approved.
  9. Toys supplier will book and arrange the shipment after they receive the last payment.
  10. Ask for shipping documents (Packing list, commercial invoice, and bill of lading) after the boat have set out to your destination.
  11. Customs clearance when the boat arrives to your port and pay customs duties and VAT for the toys imported from China to your government.
  12. Truck the cargo to your warehouse.


  • You can hire a third-party product inspection services company to inspect and check the toys for you if you can not visit Chinese toys manufacturers in person. can help you inspect products in China at low price.
  • For customs clearance in your country, you also can hire a third party company to help you. And most of freight forwarders provide the services.
  • Testing and safety reports are required when you import children’s toys from China, please ask your suppliers prepare important documents before booking.

Welcome to discuss with us if you are interested in importing Children’s toys from China manufacturers. Thank you.

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