Manifold and Exhaust Header Manufacturers in China

In this post, we share some experience about manifold and exhaust header manufacturers in China. Hoping it is useful to you. There are a lot of Chinese tubing manufacturers who are professional on manifold, exhaust, and header manufacturing. But most of them are small-scale family workshops. When doing business with these suppliers, you can’t be too careful. Because most of them didn’t have the quality control system. They only know how to “copy” and make the products according to their experience. In most case, it is a waste of time to work with such a supplier in China.

So, you need to learn how to find a good manufacturer in China if you are the first time to import products from China. 

Some tips to find a reliable manifold, exhaust, and header manufacturer for small business

Before doing the business with manifold and exhaust header manufacturers in China, you need to verify it is a real factory in China.

  • Check their machines list.
  • Know the types of welding technology used in the manufacturing suppliers, such as MIG and TIG.
  • Know their products are welded by robots or manual.
  • Their famous customers.

On the other hand, please don’t forget the NDA(non-disclosure agreement) before releasing the drawing and sample to the Chinese supplier if you decide to start the business with them.

According to our experience, we suggest you to source the potential supplier at Zhejiang and Jiangsu province. Supplier audit should be arranged if it is strategic procurement. If you can’t visit in person, you can hire a third party sourcing service company to help you do it. Here are some tips when finding manifolds, exhausts, and headers manufacturers in China.

  • The prices on Chinese B2B sites are unbelievable.
  • The supplier who is easy to be discovered is not the best one if you can not place the large purchase order.
  • China sourcing agent can help small business owners import low volume from China at competitive price.
  • 20 sets is the common minimal order quantity(MOQ) when import from real manufacturing companies.

If you want to find a good manifold and exhaust header manufacturers in China, you need to know more about the company. So, try your best to get the more information related to it. ( helps any customer verify the basic information for free.)

Here is a header sell to USA market, a famous performance products company import it from China.

manifold-exhaust-header-manufaturer in-China

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