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Manifold exhaust header China manufacturers

Are You Looking for Exhaust, Header, and Manifold Manufacturers in China?

Manifolds made in China are cheap and good quality. Lots of performance products companies transfers their factories to China for getting the lower cost and make more money. But, how about the small business? Is it possible to import manifolds from China real manufacturers directly. The answer is Yes.

In the past four years, we help a famous performance products company transfer more than 300 types of headers from USA to China. We find supplier, audit the factory, make sample, modify sample, trail order and mass products. We took two years to help those performance products outsourcing to China. Of course, We can learn a lot of experience from those manifold outsourcing projects.

China is a large-scale manufacturing country, you can find any manufacturers for any products in China. So, it is not hard to find a manifold manufacturer in China. Open Alibaba or made in China, you can discover dozens of manifold & exhaust factories. But most of them a trader or bad quality factory in fact. An customer ever told me that they ordered 30 sets header for Chevy/GMC, they found the welding was poor and bad finish after they receiving those performance products. I told him you should inspect the products before shipping(Pre-shipment Inspection).

Some Performance Products Made in China.

  • Performance Turbo Manifold, Header and Exhaust;
  • Mirror Polished, Ceramic Coating, Painted in Black;
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (201, 304, 321 or 316);
  • T.I.G or M.I.G Welding;
  • CNC Mandrel Bend Tubing;
  • Laser Cutting and CNC machined flange
  • OEM is welcome, Customized Design and Logo are available.

Manifold exhaust header China factory

New Product Development for Strategic Sourcing.

Some Chinese manifold manufacturers can design new product for customers, they can make 3D drawing and audit fixtures for customer if the customer can provide sample.(It is interesting that some samples provided by customers were purchased from their competitors.)

Quality Control When importing from China.

Most of the performance products OEM or ODM supplier are middle and small scale manufacturing company. Few of them have quality management system such as ISO 9001. So, 100% checking during manufacturing by manufacturer is one of the quality control requirements. Besides that, we also suggest customers to arrange a product inspection before shipping. No mater Check by yourself or third-party inspection services company, it is very important when importing from China.

Manifold exhaust header China suppliers

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