MRO Supply Chain: Sourcing and Discover Suppliers & Products in China

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MRO Industry is developing rapidly in China. MOR suppliers in China can source and delivery MRO products to customers within 1~3 days when receiving a MRO supply request or purchase order. Non-key materials always take a lot of energy and time in a company, especially a manufacturing company. As far as we know, outsourcing those products can save 10% to 50% of energy in a company. You can hire fewer people, get more cost saving, and received those parts or products in a shorter lead time and lower price.

There are more than 100 real MRO suppliers in China and 70% of them focus on domestic business. They supply products or services to supermarket and large-scale company, few of them have importing and exporting experiences. But, how about the small and medium-sized foreign enterprises? Who can help them to source MRO products made in China?

Yes, there are so many MRO suppliers in China and easy to find one, but, how to find the right one? In this article, we will introduce some knowledge about MRO purchasing in China.

What is MRO Purchasing?

The meaning of the acronym MRO is Maintenance, repair, and operations which involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing, or electrical device should it become out of order or broken.

MRO purchasing is also can MRO buying or MRO sourcing. In order to optimize supply chain, save cost and increase efficiency, some corporations outsource those parts, products, and devices to third-parts MRO sourcing company such as MRO service companies will source products or services for their customers.

At this stage, A Chinese MRO supply company is also a traditional trading company, they buy products from low-cost manufacturers and sell to their MRO outsourcing customers at a higher price. Fortunately, we have found some MRO suppliers like can provide a complete MRO supply chain solutions.

The Range of MRO Products.

You have learned what does MRO stand for and MRO purchasing definition, please continue reading this article, we will introduce the rank of MRO products for you.

  • Laboratory equipment, instruments and meters.
  • First aid products, health care equipment, medical and health care
  • Pneumatic components, pneumatic components.
  • Hydraulic components, hydraulic tools.
  • Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, electronic tools, welding tools, pipe tools.
  • Automation and industrial control.
  • Low voltage electrical appliances, electrical equipment.
  • Bearing, coupling, mechanical drive and maintenance.
  • Cable, wire and accessories.
  • Lamps and lanterns, light source, LED lighting, sound and light signal device.
  • Power supply device, UPS, power tools, pump valve, and industrial have equipment.
  • Explosion-proof tools, anti-corrosion, waterproof, explosion-proof electrical.
  • equipment.
  • Garden tools, garden machinery, garden tools.
  • Chemicals leakage control, storage, chemical packaging.
  • Employee safety, emergency rescue equipment, PPE.
  • Office supplies, office equipment series.
  • Logistics equipment, storage equipment, material handling equipment.
  • Electrostatic control, clean room supplies, environmental monitoring and clean.
  • Safety locks, security identity, road traffic, industrial tape, security, fire control.
  • CNC cutting tools, jigs, industrial accessories products.

MRO Supply Chain and Supplier in China.

All we know, MRO supplier is a new model of trading company, it not only provide products but also services, such as site installation services and technical support. A traditional trading company need to add more than 12% of real manufacturer’ price when selling products to their customers. And in most cases the percentage is 20%. As an outstanding sourcing agent and MRO supply chain solutions company in China, can provides a lower MRO purchasing solutions due to we are a sourcing services company.

If you are a oversea company and planing to find suppliers and source products in China by yourself, you can start with B2B purchasing. Register and login a B2B site such as Alibaba, made in China, or global sources, type your keywords and find the sources you are interested in, contact the supplier and quote for a good price, ask for sample, reliable down payment and balance payment to the supplier in China, ship products to you via express, airfreight, or boat shipment, hire a third-party customs services company to help you on customs clearance, pay the customs duty and VAT, and then you receive the goods imported from China. However, it a high cost for small business owner and new starter to source in China in person. Fortunately, there is a kind of business model call sourcing agent or sourcing services company. They can help you on any business in China, including find and verify supplier, source and inspect products, and support customers on customs and shipment as well.

MRO purchasing in China

Purchase from manufacturers directly always can get a competitive price if your volume can over their MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) requirement. However, most of MRO purchasing request or orders are small quantity. It is hard to purchase from a real manufacturer or factory if they did’t have stock. So, source and buy from manufacturers or not is depended on who is your MRO supplier, when do you need, and what is your product and requirement.

For example, one of our MRO customers wants to import some power inverters from China, we contacted more than 20 power inverter manufacturers in China, and discover the supplier who can match MOQ and lead time requirements. believes that we can source most of the products made in China for customers from real manufacturers directly.

The Lead Time to Import MRO Products from China

Off the shelf product also can be shipped within 1~3 days after its purchase order is confirmed. And then ship to you via express, airfreight, or ocean shipment. If there is not any stock, some of MRO supply companies will tell you the real situation and lead time, but some of them will buy it from other sources, such as taobao and wholesale market.

We all know that it will take a long time to ship the goods via ocean shipment. 1 days for truck, 3~5 days for waiting loading at the depart port, some days on sea, 2~10 days at port of destination for customs clearance, and them truck to your warehouse or destination. But, these are inevitable lead time when choosing import MRO products from China.

Quality Control When Importing from China

There are about 61,700,000 results when searching “poor quality made in China” on google. No matter what you are planning to import from China, you will never want to receive bad quality products made in China. So, quality control is one the most important factors when purchasing from China. Some of real MRO suppliers in China have quality management system(Most of them are not ISO instead of internal MRO management system), such as they audit and verify supplier before releasing MRO purchase order to manufacturer, inspect the products before shipping to customers. 

Import from China can help you make more money when you discover and meet the reliable supplier. Not only they can offer you the competitive price but also responsibility which can help you defeat the competitor.

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