Power Inverter Manufacturers in China: How to Find a Reliable Supplier?

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A power inverter is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). And some of them are bidirectional that can change alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). In order to import inverter from China, importers need to find some reliable inverter manufacturers in China. In this article, we will guide you to find some reliable power inverter suppliers in China, which other manufacturing sourcing services company or sourcing agent isn’t willing to tell you.

Find Chinese supplier and import from China, people will visit alibaba(international) or made in China which are famous Business to Business sites. But we will not talk about how to find a inverter supplier though alibaba or made in China now. Because all of you have know how to find Chinese supplier on these B2B websites. Today, we will share some tips how to find power inverter manufacturers in China via google images.

Google is the best search engine in the world, you can find anything on google if the information is arrow to be indexed. Before using google images, you need to learn some Chinese, such as “逆变器”, “中国”, “工厂”, “充电”, those words can help you find real inverter manufacturers in China.

  • “逆变器” means power inverter.
  • “中国” means China.
  •  “工厂” means manufacturer or factory.
  • “充电” means can be charged.

Now, please open google and click images,and then you will find the link to the manufacturers. You can find lots of real manufacturers via this methods. Here is an example I searched in keywords “逆变器” + “工厂”.

inverter manufacturers in China

We ever write an article to share our experience on how to verify a supplier is a real manufacturer and is not a trader if you can audit a new supplier in person. It is available for verifying inverter supplier, too. Please follow this link “China sourcing agent services company tells you how to confirm it is a real manufacturers in China“.

We ever source inverter products for Australian customers. Here is some experiences about verifying inverter supplier in China. Before starting import from China, you can follow this checklist to confirm whether your potential supplier can be a good partner in China.

  • Registered capital should be more than CNY 2,000,000.
  • Established time should be before 2010.
  • Annual sales volume should be more than USD 5 million.
  • The number of employee should be more than 200.
  • Specialize in inverters, and inverter manufacturing is their core business.
  • CE, ISO 9001, and RoHS are basic certification.

Other ways to discover inverter manufacturers.

As mentioned above, find manufacturers though google images is one of the supplier development methods few people use. DiscoverSourcing.com specializes in manufacturing sourcing and helping customers import from China. Please submit your requirements to us if you are interested in finding inverter supplier in China.

  • B2B sites sourcing, including both Chinese and international.
  • Trading show.
  • Visit local wholesale market, such as Yiwu wholesale market.
  • Search engines, such as Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Soso, etc.
  • Introduce by other people, customers, suppliers, and friends.
  • Yellow pages and supplier catalogs.
  • Sourcing solutions organization, supplier development solutions provider, and supply chain optimization company.
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