Product Inspection Services: Import Quality Products from China

Product Inspection Services in China

Product inspection is necessary and important when importing from China due to it is not without risk if we don’t take any quality control solutions. Pay tons of money to China and received a “surprise” that the quality of product is bad and can not match the requirement. In order to reject the bad quality product were shipped to destination or customer, some of oversea companies hire a third party product inspection services company or quality control services providers to check the quality of products for them. Product inspection services is a great services which can help overseas company to cut quality risk when importing from China.

For some seasons, such as the cost and schedule, overseas customers can not check the products made in China by themselves. It is a good deal to hire a professional product inspection services company and quality control services provider to check products before they were picked up and loaded. For example, you can pay $49 per day to hire a professional product inspector or product inspection services company to check the products for you in Shanghai, China. However, if you want to visit China in person, it will take about over $2,000.

Product inspection includes pre-production inspection, during production inspection, and pre-shipment inspection. Most of oversea hire a third party product inspection company to check the quality of products before shipping, i.e, pre-shipment inspection.

Your supplier is responsible for the quality

To import good quality products from China, the last solution is to find a reliable supplier who has quality control system or quality management system which can ensure the products made in their factory have good quality. And no need customer to pay attention and energy on product inspection. But, develop a new supplier can not be done in a short duration of time, especially, it is hard to discover a good strategic supplier( provides supplier development services). So, unless you were disappointed in you current supplier, we don’t suggest you to change your supply chain. Instead, we suggest customers to check the product during the production and before shipping. No matter do it by themselves or hire a third party product inspection services company, it is a good solution to improve the quality of product.

Pre-production inspection and during production inspection are the important quality control process and product inspection program to make sure customer can receive the product which can match their quality requirement. Pre-shipment inspection is the last defender to import good quality product from China.  All of us know that supplier can provide the products match customer’s requirements is their basic requirements. And your supplier is responsible for the quality, no matter you check the product or not.

You are the customer and you arrange product inspection is not means that supplier will not responsible for the quality after checking. Please clarify to your supplier that product inspection is a method to reduce the quality risk only, and its goal is to get some assurance when importing from China.

China product inspection services
China product inspection services

Inspect product step by step

As mentioned above, product inspection includes pre-production inspection, during production, and pre-shipment inspection. For most of overseas importers, they never inspect or check all of product manufacturing processes due to they are on a tight budget, but they still concerned about quality. As a sourcing agent in China, we also provide product inspection services to help customer check product in China, but we don’t suggest our customer to check all the produce processes if it is not necessary. Here is a low-cost solution to help oversea import quality product from China.

Step 1: Pre-production inspection

Make sure your supplier uses the right material and components is concerned by some customers. For example, a tumbler should be made from 304 stainless steel, but some unreliable supplier make is instead of 201 stainless steel; A die casting auto parts should be made from A380 aluminium alloy, but supplier makes it by using ADC12; A bicycle hub should be used ceramic bearing, but your supplier use a stainless steel bearing for you. When you received these products but find that they were not the products you have ordered.

If your supplier is a reliable, honesty, and trustworthiness manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about this question. However, we can’t confirm a new supplier they are reliable enough. So, we need to do something to confirm or request supplier using the correct material and components for your products. Here is some solutions to help overseas company who doesn’t want to spend the money on product inspection services company.

  • Request supplier to provide material certification.
  • Ask for a material or components sample before placing the order.
  • Sign a contract with supplier and write material and components requirement in the quality control terms.

Although these points can not 100% ensure Chinese manufacturers to use the material and components as requirement, but it can be a better deterrent than do nothing. And it also tells suppliers that the right material and components are very important for you and they must use the correct one.

Step 2: During production inspection

During production inspection is the most important during the quality control system and product inspection program. Everything should be control during the process. During manufacturing, product should be 100% checking before it was packaged. Most of regular manufacturers have on-site inspection post. When product finish manufacturing and checked by inspectors, on-site inspector should be inspect every one or two hours (It depends on the product).

It is unrealistic to hire an inspector to stay at the factory for most of small business. The business is too small to pay other cost. However, we can ask supplier to provide some documents to confirm that they have quality control system and is not a workshop without quality management system. These documents are very important to control the quality product if you don’t want to hire a third party product inspection company to work for you.

  • Ask you supplier to provide the framework of their organization. After you get it, you can learn their quality control system.
  • Confirm your supplier has process description for operators.
  • Ask supplier to tell you the number of during production inspector and what is their job.
  • Learn the During production inspection checking list and tell your concerns to suppliers.

These points are the basic work to confirm a supplier if it has quality control system if don’t want to spend money on product inspection services or supplier audit. Of course, you can ask any question about quality control if you are interesting. But, please don’t trust what the supplier told you. Documents, pictures, and video provided by supplier are the strong evidence that they have quality control system which includes during production inspection process.

In some Chinese factories, packaging operator is also responsible for product inspection. This kind of inspector is also very important to quality control that they can prevent bad quality product was delivered to final customer if they can not be found during the pre-shipment inspection process.

Step 3: Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is the last step to prevent bad quality product be shipped to final customer and is the most important product inspection step. It is the most effective way to control the quality. Overseas customers import products from China, they pay money to Chinese suppliers and get the products match their requirement. Because customer can reject any products if the quality or other points cannot match their requirements. This is the deal. So, most of overseas customer only check the final product’s quality, by themselves or third party product inspection services company.

Pre-shipment inspection is usually operated before final payment and booking. Customer can hire a third party quality control company or product inspection services provider likes to help them check products before payment and booking.

Pre-shipment inspection is the final product inspection and includes appearance inspection, function inspection, dimension inspection, and package inspection. How to check and what is the checklist are depend on the product and customer’s requirement. As a sourcing agent in China, we have rich experience on product inspection and we know that every customer is concerned about their product and don’t want to receive any product with defects. However, for some products with a hug of quantity, it is not practical or high cost to 100% checking or inspect all the product. Random inspection or random test is the most popular for pre-shipment inspection, such as 5 pcs, 10 pcs, 3%, 5% or 10%, etc.

Hire a third party product inspection services company to check the quality is the common ways to control the quality at low-cost if overseas company can not inspect the product in person. But, There are a lot of product inspection services providers in China, how to find a reliable one?

  • Product inspection services provider should specialize in your field. For example, if you want to check the dimension of product, you should hire a product inspection company who has mechanical inspector.
  • Product inspection company based in internationalized city such as Shanghai and Shenzhen always can provide specialized product inspection services.
  • A product inspection company who is close to your supplier always can provide a lower inspection charge. For example, your supplier is located at Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, you should not hire a inspection services company who bases in Shenzhen, Guandong province, China.
  • Ask for the demo of product inspection report, and add the points and terms to match your requirement.

Pre-shipment inspection is one kind of product inspection which can give overseas companies some assurances when importing from China. Of course, customers also can complain when they receive the product can not match their requirement if they hire a third party product inspection company to check the products, but it is passiveness in that kind of situation.We always suggest overseas customers to hire a third party product inspection services provider to help them check the product before shipping when importing from China.

Product inspection report

Product inspection report is the document to show the result of product inspection. When a product inspection services company finishes their product checking, they should provide product inspection report in one working day. A professional product inspection company should have a website to show their services, and everyone can download a demo of product inspection report on their website. And a professional product inspection report should be included those sections.

  • Product inspection result.
  • Summary and comment.
  • Inspect methods.
  • Checklist.
  • Inspect details or measure data.
  • Pictures and videos.
  • Function testing report.
  • Appearance inspection report.
  • Packaging checked report.
  • Shipping mark report.

Import from China is easy for large corporations, they can set up trading company or representative office in China. These organizations can support them to manage their business in China. Hire a product inspection services provider is not their consideration. However, small quality and low volume outsourced to China is different, they need to hire a third party sourcing services provider to support their purchasing in China. Fox example, China sourcing agent helps overseas customers to source products in China, and product inspection services company supports them to import product from China without serious quality problems.

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