Gravity Casting

Gravity Casting Manufacturing in China

Gravity Casting can also be referred to aluminium gravity die casting, aluminium permanent mold casting or aluminium metal mold gravity casting. Aluminum castings likes other common ways of casting, the melted aluminum alloy is poured into the mold with gravity-fed. Though pouring rate is relatively low, yet the metal mold produces rapid solidification.

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You can contact suppliers for anything and you also can hire us to help you for finding manufacturers in ChinaAluminum gravity casting can be operated both by handwork or by gravity castings machines. Because of the low-cost of labor force, mostly china gravity castings manufacturers handle such casting process by handwork without any assistant machines. can help you on low quantity purchase order and complex or special products. We are a sourcing agent which specializes in optimizing supply chain in China, we quote for customers because we believe we can search the best supplier.