Precision Machining

Discover Reliable Precision Machining Supplier in China

Discover Sourcing Limited is a sourcing services company in Shanghai China, our goals is to offer on time delivery products at competitive price. Over the past years, we have help lots of overseas customers discover and maintain high quality precision machining parts and components suppliers in China. We are not traditional trading company but we can help you import products from China. We not only supply MOR products but also provide procurement solutions for customized products, such as OEM stamping parts and die casings. We will verify and audit supplier for you, you will know anything about your suppliers in China. Of course, you can select our supplier audit service separately if you already have a supplier in China.

Quality Control and Experience

We and suppliers are confident in our ability to provide a product that will meet or exceed your precision requirements because we have a stable quality control system. Process FMEA and full PPAP submission are available to fit your internal process.

We enjoy working closely with our customers to form an intricate part of each company’s manufacturing requirements. Service and value are evident at every level of Discover Sourcing Limited. Making it possible to offer quick turn quality products at a competitive price.