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Plastic Parts Manufacturing sourcing in China

Plastic parts manufacturing sourcing makes you easy to find a good supplier in China. is a sourcing services company in China, we are here to  help oversea company to discover reliable plastic parts manufacturers in China. We have rich experience on manufacturer sourcing in China. Maybe you can find a lot of plastic component manufacturers or suppliers on B2B site or such as Alibaba or Manta, but Discover Sourcing could save money and time for you, our supplier development help you get supplier in China for free, and sourcing agent services made you have another eyes in China.

We work collaboratively with China plastic injection molding suppliers to analyze customers needs, develop sourcing solutions, and exceed customers expectations with high-quality plastic products delivered on time. Our engineer team designs purchasing consultation, plastic parts technical support, and shipment assistance help our oversea customers to achieve their business goals. We take a established interest in our client’s needs certified by our partnership work ethic. When you cooperate or work with our professional team you’ll receive the best goods in the most economical fashion from China.

plastic parts manufacturers in China

Plastic Parts & Sourcing Services

Discover Sourcing Limited provides plastic injection molding products sourcing services which can help customer imports products at competitive price and meet or exceed customer’s quality requirements. Our sourcing service charge and fees are the lowest in China. You can import die castings from real manufacturers direct and without any middleman.

1, Plastic Parts Tooling in China

The quality of plastic parts mold is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of plastic injected products. To ensure our customers can experience our efficiently and accurately service and high-quality of plastic products, our suppliers make the tooling in door or source plastic injection molds from pre-qualified suppliers.

Plastic tooling usually take 15-60 days to complete, which is depended on the product shapes and  appearance quality requirement. Once molds are finished and tested, we or our suppliers will ship the samples to you by express.

The cost to make an plastic parts tooling in North America is often three to ten times more than the cost to make a plastic parts mold in China. The tooling cost for plastic parts is from 200USD to more in China, maybe 2,000USD or 20,000USD, which is determined by many factors such as surface finish required, cavity, die life and product shapes.

2, Injection material in China

We and our suppliers are familiar with designing and molding plastic products made from common plastic materials such as PP, ABS, HIPS, PE, PS, POM, PA, PMMA, PC, PF, PSF, PPS, CP, PET, UHMWPE, EP,  PES, PAR, PAI, PEI, PEEK, PI and LCP, etc. Glass filled materials and plastic products with insert is available, too.

3, Plastic Products Quotation from China

You will receive plastic injection molding quotation with details and analysis from our suppliers, and the information of supplier will be sent to you together with the feedback of RFQ.

plastic parts quotation

Plastic Injection Molding & Quality Control

Quality control is the most important part of plastic products manufacturing. It aims to optimize the plastic products process to reduce the number of defective products produced, and also prevent the distribution of defective parts or component to customers.

  • Advanced Quality Planning (AQP )
  • Computer Aided Quality (CAQ )
  • Continuous Process Control (CPC)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
  • Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Key techniques for quality control in plastics manufacturing include stereoscopic microscope, twin-ring LED illumination,  extended depth of field, non-contact video measuring systems,  phase contrast, non-contact z-height measurement, through-the-lens laser auto focusing , polarizing microscopy,  laser scanning and automated edge detection, etc.

Plastic Parts Quality Issues and Solutions

Plastic products made in a injection molding process can have their own unique set of possible quality issues due to the complex technical involved. In order to deliver high-quality and consistent finished products or components, our team and suppliers are trained to spot these defects. Parts will be examined and checked both during the molding processes and and before shipping. The following defects associated with the plastic injection molding are some of the potential issues we look for.

Plastic parts defects and solutions