Quality Control: How to Import High Quality Products From Chinese Suppliers?

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Find Chinese suppliers on internet and negotiate for good prices, pay money to China, and then your supplier will ship products or goods to you via express, air freight, or boat shipment. It seems easy and can help overseas companies cost saving and make more money. But those flows are not available for bad suppliers in China if you want to import high quality products from China, because most of the suppliers who provide bad quality products didn’t have quality control system.

In the pass, China is famous as selling bad quality products which make some people think that China manufacturers only can produce poor quality products. As a matter of fact, it is not true. Most of real manufacturers in China can supply high quality products if you really want to import high quality products. Import from China, no matter through China sourcing agent or search by yourself, you should not select those supplier who don’t have quality control system or quality management system.

Two types of manufacturing in China

Import from China, you should have found that their two kinds of manufacturers in China. One is named XXX factory and another is named XXX Co., Ltd. As a sourcing agent in China, we will tell you the difference between XXX factory and XXX Co., Ltd.

XXX Factory XXX Co., Ltd
It is self-employed and is not a company. Modern enterprise
Registered capital is no need. Registered capital is demanded.
Unlimited liability. Limited liability
It is a manufacturer. Manufacturer or other companies like trading.
Most of them are small-scale All kinds of scale.
In general, most of the products made in this type of organization are poor quality The quality depends on the company.
Most of them don’t have quality control system It depends on the company.
Few of them have R&D capacity, and most of them produce products according to their experiences. It depends on the company. Lot of them have R&D capacity if the company have been established over 5~10 years.

As a sourcing agent in China, we always suggest overseas customers select the reliable suppliers. As is mentioned above, we don’t suggest over customers to choose a supplier call XXX factory due to import from this kinds of enterprise is high risk. Select a supplier in China, we suggest you to consider the following points.

  • Should be a company and have been established more than 3 years.
  • Should have a quality control system and management system.
  • Have some quality inspectors.
  • Registered capital should be more than CNY1,000,000.
  • Have experiences on exporting.
  • Have R&D skill.
  • Good services and can give you feedback in 24 hours for any questions.

These are the basic requirements when finding a reliable supplier and importing high quality products from China. In order to find the right supplier, you need to work for more details. If you are interested in find a reliable manufacturer in China, you can download our document “Complete Guide to Import from China“.

Import high quality products from china, you also need to take some actions to prevent bad quality products were shipped to you. Pre-shipment inspection is one of the best solution. If you can not check the products in person before shipping, you also can hire a third-party product inspection services company such as DiscoverSourcing.com.