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Tons of die casting parts or products made in China are delivered from China to all over the world every day. A lot of new business starters are planning to outsource in China, but they were stopped due to it is hard to get the real information related to manufacturers in China. is a manufacturing sourcing solutions company in China, we are happy to share some answers for FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about Chinese pressure die casting supplier in China. Those answers for frequently asked question are helpful when quoting with a pressure die casting supplier or manufacturer in China. (It is available for other common products or projects, too.)

1. How much do I need for a deposit?

Die casting manufacturing includes tooling(mould) manufacturing and product manufacturing, and the payment terms for them are different in China.

  • Tooling: 50% deposit + 50% after sample approved or trial order approved.
  • Products: You always can negotiate the payment terms to reasonable and fair. For most of new importers, it was request to pay 30% when placing order, and other 70% was pay after product inspection but before booking. However, most of old customers can not accept the payment terms like that. So, the payment terms for old customers is 30% deposit when placing order plus 70% before releasing B/L(bill of lading) or none deposit when placing order but 100% payment before releasing B/L.

2. What’s the payment terms with supplier in China?

As mentioned above, you can pay by down payment + final payment according to the negotiation results between you and your supplier. In general case, customers can pay though L/C when the amount of purchase order is more than 50,000 U.S dollar. Most of Chinese die casting manufacturing supplier only accept T/T(bank transfer) if the amount of order is less than $50,000. Paypal, Credit Card, and Western Union are only available for some manufacturers because this type of payment method makes supplier cannot get the drawback(tax refund) from China customs.

3. Which is the nearest port?

There are lots of ports in China, such as Shanghai, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Tianjin, and Dalian. Those ports can ship goods to any corner of the world. But most of die casing manufacturing suppliers are located in Shanghai, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Foshan. So, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Shenzhen are the most important port to import from China.

4. What is the lead time when importing from China(FOB or CIF)?

  • The lead time for tooling: It is 20~45 days, and most of die casting company can built a die casting tooling within 30 days if it was made at their own workshop. And it will take 35~40 days if they outsource the tooling.
  • The lead time for sample: After tooling built, it will take 3~5 days to adjust the tooling and make sample.
  • Manufacturing lead time: After sample approved, it will take 5~15 days to casting products;
  • Machining lead time : 5~10 days for product machining if it is a requirement of your die casting product.
  • Product inspection: 2~3 days if it is necessary;
  • Booking and loading: 3~5 days;
  • Lead time on sea from port to port: It depends on the destination, it will spend 15~20 days from Shanghai to Los Angeles.
  • Customs clearance at destination: It depends on you, it should be 3~7 days, including truck to your company.

5. How about the quality control?

Quality is one of the most important factory when importing from China due to we have heard so much news related to bad quality made in China, and no one hoping to be one of the cases when outsourcing to China. We learn some knowledge about enterprise type before talking about the quality control in China.

  • Business company: such as trading company, sourcing agent, and consultant company.
  • Manufacturing company: It is also called XXX Co., Ltd.
  • Self-employed workshop: It is’t limited company and without registered capital requirement by government. Most of them are small-scale organizations and called XXX factory.

Business company is the middleman provide both products and services. XXX Co., Ltd and XXX factory are the two types of manufacturing organization in China. In most cases, the different of the quality control system should be like this:

Business Company Manufacturing Company Self-employed Workshop
Check and inspect products at supplier workshop according to the quality requirements. (Some middlemen have warehouses and can inspect in their place.) Quality control solutions includes pre-production inspection, during production inspection, and pre-shipment inspection.
Most of overseas companies like to hire a third-party inspection services company to check product before shipping.
It depends on their company, some of them have ISO 9001: 2008 system and can provide good quality products. But we don’t suggest customers to import products from a new manufacturing supplier. For example, a company established in the last two years or the number of employee is less than 60.
If you are looking for a strategic sourcing supplier, this kind of supplier is your first consideration.
We always don’t suggest customer to purchase products from this type of manufacturing organization due to they have few sense of service, quality awareness and quality consciousness. But they always can provide lower price. You can outsource die casting products from this kind of pressure die casting supplier if you have a reliable quality control solutions and payment terms.

6. Is it possible for Chinese supplier offers free sample? 

Most of pressure die casting supplier can provide free sample for testing, but most of the samples are material or other similar parts for reference only. As matter of fact, it is hard to find a manufacturer who offers the same die casting products. And supplier isn’t able to sell the products to you even if you can find the one who produce the same produce, because the tooling or mould doesn’t belong to you. And all of the importers should have NDA and exclusive dealing agreements with their outsourcing supplier. (I think you are not willing to see your supplier sell the products designed by you to other customers eighter.)

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