About sourcing agent in China

sourcing agent in China

If you want to do business with Chinese supplier but you didn’t have so much time or the budget is limited, working with a good sourcing agent in China is a one of the best solutions. They source products for you, audit supplier for you, and also help you to get free sample from China. Besides that, cost down or cost saving will no longer be a problem if you have a good sourcing partner in China.

In the current economic situation, cost down is necessary. Most of the companies from western countries can get an 5% cost down (It can last about 5 years and then new products are coming) though building factories in China.

So, if you can not build factory or company in China, you can find a sourcing partner to help you get the products at competitive price  from china. Sourcing agent is one of the best purchasing partner. A reliable agent services provider always try their best to get cost saving for customers every year.

DiscoverSourcing.com is a sourcing agent services provider in China, we help customers optimize supply chain in China. A real manufacturing sourcing partner also could help customers develop new products. For example, if customer want to develop a  new product but they didn’t have the skill. A manufacturing sourcing agent will help them draw the drawing and 3D design.

An agent also is an assurance when purchasing from China. Because they can inspect products before shipping which can prevent bad quality products were shipping to customers.

An agent also can help customer ask for free sample. If a customer needs some sample for reference before placing order, the agent will help to purchase or ask for from supplier, and then ship to customer for free or only ask for shipping cost.

This is a casting parts from castings manufacturer in China.

Casting from China

This is a machining parts from Chinese manufacturer.

Precision maching sourcing in China discoversourcing.com

Attached is a steel box, stamping and coat treatment process are include.

stamping parts from discoversourcing

Attached is a Die casting parts from Chinese manufacturer, die casing and machining process.

Presure die casting sourcing in China discoversourcing.com

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DiscoverSourcing.com is a product sourcing agent and manufacturing sourcing services company in China. Our procurement solutions can help overseas companies discover reliable manufacturers and import quality products from China at lower cost.

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