Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing Services in China

Manufacturers in China is capable of providing any and all products. Shortlisting a supplier may be your primary objective, but without quality control and import cost management systems in place at the outset, your project will face many challenges, and your import success could be placed in jeopardy. You could lose precious time and money. We offer product and sample sourcing service to guide and protect you when purchasing from China. It takes you systematically from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance, logistics, and addresses all the critical points in the process.

For countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, where most of our clients are located, we can check the quality of products and deliver to your door directly. We manage customs clearance and logistics on both ends, in China, and your destination country. When you use our products Sourcing Service, you can focus your efforts on marketing your business, your core expertise, and leave your sourcing & supply chain management, our core expertise, to us.

Products We Are Sourcing

As a manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China. We dealt with all kinds products, which include off the shelf and customized. We not only sourcing products for customers, but also can design and develop the product for you. Die casting parts, sand casting parts, gravity casting parts, plastic parts, auto parts, performance parts, machining parts, forging parts, stamping parts, fixture, tooling, mold, power tool, electronic product, and cable are our specialized field.

Our shanghai office handles manufacturing sourcing, Yiwu office deal product sourcing, and Australia R&D central will help you design new product. Most of products we can source for you if you can describe it or provide spec.

Who We Are is a sourcing services company in China, we offer services to help our clients import from China. Our product sourcing solutions help customers obtain quality products from China at low price, shipping and management cost.

Pay a little amount of money to hire a product sourcing agent to source and manage you business in China which is a good deal for some of the overseas companies who don’t plan to build a company or representative office in China. We will help you to manage your supply chain and cut your sourcing cost in China.