Sample Sourcing

Sample Sourcing and New Product Development Services in China is a manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, we have R&D and technical support teams both in  China and Australia. Our goal is to help overseas customer discover the right manufacturers in China. We can help you to find samples from Chinese market for free.

New Product Development

Our EA Certified Engineers help you design and develop new product. We can operate it from idea to drawing and sample which can match your requirement. Our new product development programs can save time for you due to the development time is one of the key factors that contribute to the new product development success. 

  1. Understand and observe the market, the client, the technology, and the limitations of the problem;
  2. Synthesize the information collected at the first step;
  3. Visualise new customers using the product;
  4. Prototype, evaluate and improve the concept;
  5. Implementation of design changes which are associated with more technologically advanced procedures and therefore this step will require more time.

After designing the product, we will source manufacturing supplier for your product. Our supplier audit services also give your some assurance if you worry about the quality system of new supplier.