Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing Agent – Your Another Eyes in China

A reliable sourcing agent plays a very important role in importing from China. They can help you develop reliable manufacturers in China and negotiate for better price. Product imported from China is not without risk and should be carefully planned. is a Chinese sourcing agent based in Shanghai, China(China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone). We are not traditional purchasing company because we offer real sourcing solutions to help overseas companies import from China. The goals of our sourcing services is to help overseas companies gain high-quality products from China at competitive price.

Discover Competitive Price Via China Sourcing Agent’s Price Transparency. is not a traditional sourcing company or trading company. As a reliable procurement solutions and products sourcing agent in China, we can offer you the details of price from manufacturers. For example, you can get 2 to 5 quotations from different level of manufacturers. On the quotation sheets of manufacturing products, you can see the materials cost, labour cost, processing cost, packing Cost, delivery cost, management cost, profit and duty. Our pricing is transparent enough for people to realize that it is reasonable.

Strict Quality Control By China Sourcing Services Company.

We know that quality is the most importance thing when importing goods from China. As a responsible sourcing agent in China, our teams don’t suggest our customers to work with the factories who offer low price but bad quality product (this kinds of manufacturers can not be put in our supplier system). We don’t just consult or broker deals, we excel in execution and guarantee quality.

  • We will audit our supplier according to the need, and all the low performance vendors will be removed from our supplier system after we audit it.
  • We maintain a full staff of degreed engineers to facilitate product development and full quality control programs.
  • All of the samples and products will be inspected before shipping to you.

Our Sourcing Agent Services.

We provide a broad range of China sourcing agent services including, but not limited to, supplier development, price negotiation, sample sourcing, product sourcing, sourcing advisory, quality control, lead time control, supplier audit, manufacturer survey, business guide & support, project management, technical & project support, purchase order management, suppliers management, sample inspection & product inspection, payment & shipment support, and after-sale service.

We have a team with supplier development engineer, technology engineer, supplier quality engineer, quality engineer and customer service, which aim to be a good China sourcing agent providing the best sourcing services in China.

We specialize in metal and plastic components and assemblies for various industries, such as die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, plastic injection molding, rubber products, stamping, forging, precision Machining and Vacuum Forming. For other products like carbon fiber products and electronic products, we also can source for you. 

Our Sourcing Agent Services Charge.

We offer the lowest sourcing agent services charge but the sourcing services is the best in China. Take a little money, you can save time and money on sourcing from China. You also can say good-bye to bad quality, uncertain of lead time, high price or shipping cost, and troubles of outsourcing to China.