Supplier Audit

Supplier Audit Services in China not only offers product inspection services but also provides supplier audit services. When you outsource manufacturing to a factory in China, you are fully reliant on that factory to uphold your reputation by producing quality products in a work environment free of deficiencies. We understand that a trusted factory is an invaluable resource, and we are dedicated to protect your business interests and ensure the quality of your products made in China.

We work with you to coordinate in-depth supplier audit that include on-site visits to assess the infrastructure set up as well as existing human resource arrangements. This comprehensive audit allows you to have “complete overview in the factory” to ensure total compliance with your stipulations as well as those of your buyers. We remain in communication with you, the auditors and the factory throughout the process to ensure that full compliance is met before mass production begins.

Our qualified auditors independently assess everything from production capacities and quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions. We go on site and get the information you need to ensure high-quality suppliers. Confirm your factory has the capacity and quality system to meet your production needs.

Supplier audit plays a primary role in enhancing supplier performance. Flawed supplier processes, inefficient management systems, poor SLA and contract compliance, and irresponsible handling of workplace safety and issues, can snowball into larger issues for organizations. Therefore, they need to consistently monitor and audit their supplier products and services.

Supplier audit helps ensure that suppliers adhere to the processes and procedures specified in the contract or agreement, and enable organizations to zero in on supplier deviance.

Organizations need to leverage advanced technology to efficiently manage supplier audits and their end-to-end life-cycle, to reduce financial, operational, compliance related and environmental risks associated with supply chains.

We facilitate rigorous on-site audits for contractors, factory audits for manufacturers and extended desktop assessments for other high-risk profile, critical service providers. We help you stay awake in the noisy sourcing market.

The supplier audit services include an assessment of management systems for key areas of supplier risk including:

  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Factory Assessment
  • Quality
  • Business continuity
  • Human Resources